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Website ichiba.io
Registrar domain NameCheap, Inc
Domain reg 2018-11-02
Domain exp 2019-11-02
Nameservers josh.ns.cloudflare.com
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Presale / Bounty Information

Presale Starts 28th January 2019 visit [ Ichiba.io ] / Discord [ https://discord.gg/y2UZhBN ]  

Read the [Lite Paper]  

Discord Invite Bounty has begun! Visit [ https://discord.gg/y2UZhBN ]

About Ichiba

Ichiba is a brand new blockchain-based crowdfunding decentralized platform which connects project fundraisers with investors and supporters. This combines the $7 billion ICO market with the $20 billion crowdfunding industry to build better, stronger, fundraising mechanisms for all parties.

With Ichiba:

�   Fundraisers can launch ICO fundraising campaigns with a higher likelihood of reaching funding goals
�   Supporters can fund their favorite projects with Ether
�   Masternode holders can earn rewards for maintaining the network

How Does it Work?

Ichiba is a blockchain-based, crowdfunding decentralized platform which uses smart contract technology to create a seamless, efficient way to raise money for new fundraising campaigns. Fundraising campaigns are used to help support entrepreneurs and leaders on their quest to see their innovative projects fully funded.
Ichiba vets every project on its platform, ensuring they are legitimate and up to industry standards as deemed by the Ichiba team. Additionally, Ichiba retains a small stake in each fundraising project, aligning the Ichiba team with the success of project fundraising. The Ichiba crypto stake portfolio is managed by the Ichiba Fund, with Ichiba Coin holders determining the fund�s governance.  
Once a project is vetted and approved, it is listed on the Ichiba platform where supporters can learn more about the project and commit funds to its fundraising campaign. All committed funds are locked in smart contracts with increased security and transparency for both parties.

For Both Fundraisers and Supporters

The Ichiba platform supports both fundraisers and those looking to support ICO projects.

For Fundraisers

�   Launch campaigns to fundraise (in ETH)
�   Receive advisory and management services
�   Present investor and campaign documentation on one platform
�   Ensure KYC, AML, and all other applicable legal requirements
�   Ensure a larger share of raised funds reaching the underlying project
�   Technical solutions, including:
�   Smart contracts
�   Bancor protocol mechanism to enhance initial token liquidity

For Supporters/Investors
�   Launch campaigns to fundraise (in ETH, ICH, BTC)
�   Receive advisory and management services
�   Present investor and campaign documentation on one platform
�   Ensure KYC, AML, and all other applicable legal requirements


The Ichiba Coin (ICH) is used to maintain the Ichiba network and its fundraising projects by performing a variety of utility roles for all network stakeholders. ICH is a Decentralized MasterNode coin which is used to power the Ichiba platform. ICH is to be awarded to backers who fund projects launched on the Ichiba platform and can be used by fundraisers to achieve their fundraising goals.

Masternodes and Block Rewards

Masternodes provide added security to the Ichiba network, receiving part of the block reward for exchange for their services as full network nodes. As full nodes, Masternodes host and maintain the entire blockchain and have the ability to reject blocks of transactions as they see fit.
To become a Masternode on Ichiba, a user must run a full blockchain node and provide a minimum 5,000 ICH coins as collateral. Masternode holders are also given the opportunity to vote on network proposals as they arise.
Block rewards are divided between Masternodes and proof-of-stake (PoS) network participants, and dependent on the block height.

ZeroCoin protocol

We have updated to the Zerocoin protocol for security and anonymity. Your payments remain anonymous. This does not give anyone the opportunity to keep track of your funds.


Coin Name : Ichiba Coin
Ticker : ICH
Coin Type : Pure POS
Block Time : 60 sec
Max Supply : 100,000,000 (100 M)
Premine Coin : 3.5% (35,00,000)
Minimum Stake : 1 Hr
Coin Maturity : 60 Blocks
Block Size: 3 MB
Mn Collateral : 5000 coins
SwiftX – 5000
ZeroCoin Start Height : 201 Block
Last PoW : 200 Block
Zerocoin Reward : 1


[ Website ] [Lite Paper] [ Twitter ] [ Discord ] [ Facebook ][ Telegram ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Github ]


[Windows – 32 bit ]  
[Linux ]
[Ubuntu 16.04 ]
[Macintosh – OS X ][ Macintosh – OSX –  HighSierra ]




◆Development of Ichiba platform architecture (Completed) Q3 2018
◆Prototype (Completed) Q3 2018
◆Launch Website (Completed)  Q1 2019
◆Windows Wallet Release (Completed)  Q1 2019
◆Linux Wallet Release (Completed)   Q1 2019
◆Macintosh Wallet Release (Completed)   Q1 2019


◆Crypto-Bridge (Q1 2019) (Planned)
◆CoinExchange (Q1 2019) (Planned)
◆Yobit (Q1 2019)
◆Binance (Planned)
◆BitTrex (Planned)
◆HitBTC (Planned)
◆BitFinex (Planned)

Mobile Wallet , Whitepaper and Social Media Campaign
◆WhitePaper & Translation (In Progress)
◆Further development of platform Q1 2018
◆Web Wallet (In progress) Q2 2019
◆Android App (Completed)  Q2 2019
◆IOS App (In Progress)  Q2 2019
◆Coinomi – (Planned)   Q2 2019
◆Release platform alpha Q3 2019
◆Smart contract deployment Q3 2019
◆Launch first ICO campaign Q3 2019
◆Launch platform to the public Q4 2019


Invite Bounty (1 Invite= 0.5 Ichiba Coin + Extra Rewards)
Starting from Friday, the 25th of January  , you can earn Ichiba Coin by participating in Invite Bounty. Join Discord to generate invite link https://discord.gg/qep8ua

Promote Ichiba Coin and get reward with Ichiba Coin!

To take part in bounty fill out the registration form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc05Ghx5_Ps_sc6BrkrXig1WjB1683eqZ4_7UWM-slB94XutQ/viewform

Rules to be maintained:

1.  Fake invitees will be disqualified
2.  Make sure your invitational link is permanent
3.  Participants needs 45 minimum invites in order to participate and rewarded
4.  The top 10 Invitees will be paid with extra rewards
5.  Invited user account's age should be more than 6 months.
6.  Please carefully fill out the registration form. We will not change the information under and any circumstances.


Bounty Lasts from 25.01.2019 12:00 UTC � 26.02.2019 12:00 UTC
Rewards paid until 26.02.2019 20:00 UTC

Extra Rewards

1st Place:  1000
2nd Place:  900
3rd Place:  850
4th Place:  800
5th Place:  750
6th Place:  700
7th Place:  650
8th Place:  600
9th Place:  550
10th Place: 500
11th Place: 450
12th Place: 400
13th Place: 350
14th Place: 300
15th Place: 250

Table of Participants: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lSAnOHl20FCgo6byySk5qnd9v0QHAujn8lCmOh6kMpA/edit?usp=sharing

Note: We will verify the invites manually and remove the cheaters. The rules can be changed if required and it will announced first!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IchibaCoin

Telegram https://t.me/ichiba

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ichibacoin/

Github: https://github.com/IchibaCoin/ICHIBA

Discord: https://discord.gg/y2UZhBN

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