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LightningCash Gold (LTNCG)

LightningCash Gold is a unique bitcoin chain cryptocurrency that has 6 second block time, yespower CPU mining and HIVE mining making it the fastest, most economical, and secure coin to date. Join our fast growing community and start mining with no hardware or software!

Why join us?

LightningCashGold uses a special mining process called hive mining. The intuitive interface in our wallet keeps track of "bees" you choose to create to go out and find blocks on the network.

With the cutting edge power of our Discord bot, Honey, you�ll be able to mine straight from our community-friendly discord server.

* 10 LTNCG FREE Airdrop for every Discord user, enough to buy 5000 Bees and start mining right away!!


**Total Supply**: 210,000,000 LTNCG
**Block Reward**: 5 LTNCG
**Target Timespan**: Every Block
**Block Time**: 6 Seconds

Proof of Work – 50%

**PoW Algorithm**: YespowerLTNCG ( CPU only )
**Difficulty**: Uses Dark Gravity Wave and updates every block.

Hive Mining – 50%

– Coins are burned by purchasing "bees" in the wallet which will mine blocks in addition to PoW blocks.  The global index is a number that keeps track of how many live bees are mining and your profits.  Hive mining was created by the LiteCoinCash team and is not related to this project.  Read more about hive mining here: https://litecoinca.sh/downloads/hive_whitepaper.pdf


Website: https://www.ltncg.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ltncg
Wallet Download: https://github.com/lightningcashgold/ltncg/releases
Mining Pools: https://miningpoolstats.stream/lightningcashgold
Block Explorer: https://explorer.ltncg.com
CPU Miner (Graphical): https://github.com/Nugetzrul3/CPU-GUI-Miner/releases
CPU Miner (Command Line): https://github.com/RickillerZ/cpuminer-RKZ/releases
Source Code: https://github.com/lightningcashgold/ltncg
Discord Server and Hive Mining Pool: https://discord.gg/bzcQ8ZM

Coin Stats



DOGE: https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange?market=LTNCG_DOGE
BTC: https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange?market=LTNCG_BTC
LTC: https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange?market=LTNCG_LTC
ETH: https://www.unnamed.exchange/Exchange?market=LTNCG_ETH

BTC: https://dex.delion.online/market/DELION.LTNCG_DELION.BTC
DOGE: https://dex.delion.online/market/DELION.LTNCG_DELION.DOGE
BTS: https://dex.delion.online/market/DELION.LTNCG_BTS
DLN: https://dex.delion.online/market/DELION.LTNCG_DELION.DLN


LightningCash Gold is community driven and the community has elected to switch to a MasterNode model in the future.  LTNCG will also be used as an intermediary between new coins launching in Discord and bridge the gap between Exchanges and communities with lightning fast transactions.  Our HoneyBot will support multiple coins and allow intercoin trading.


LTNCG has been through a lot of changes and is now stable and growing. Previous announcements have been made under the names LightningCash and LTNC and are not related to this project.  All official releases are from the above links.

Github: https://github.com/lightningcashgold/ltncg/releases

Discord: https://discord.gg/bzcQ8ZM

Whitepaper: https://litecoinca.sh/downloads/hive_whitepaper.pdf

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