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Website aluisyo.network
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Aluisyo.Network is a decentralized blockchain bank, with deposits and investments paying interest rates, without involvement of financial institutions, powered by 100% open source code.

Aluisyo.Network enables untraceable and anonymous messaging, and a secure way to transfer funds. Using a distributed public ledger, the sender and receiver are kept anonymous, a key concern in a post Snowden world. Hackers cannot trace money or messages when the messages are sent across public networks.

Aluisyo Cryptocurrency (ANX) is based on the Cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority. You control the private keys to your funds.

Aluisyo is accessible by anyone in the world regardless of their geographic location or status. Our blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All your ANX transactions and messages are anonymous.

Aluisyo avoids many concerns, e.g. technological, environment impact, reputational and security, of Bitcoin, and provides a glimpse of the future.

Aluisyo is open-source, community driven and truly decentralized.

Aluisyo is a fork of Conceal Network, with no Premine and Block rewards going up to 50 ANX

At Aluisyo Network, we believe that access to knowledge is what truly allows great ideas to flourish and diverse communities to grow.

We believe that Aluisyo is what the community decides it to be and that decisions on how to grow the protocol should involve everyone.

Aluisyo Network uses ring signatures and one-time addresses for truly anonymous payments

Aluisyo's transactions can't be linked between the sender and the recipient

Aluisyo follows Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision of decentralised, trustless cryptocurrency, i.e. a secure digital cash operated by a network of users. Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus, and then recorded on the blockchain immutably. Third-parties do not need to be trusted to keep your money safe.

Aluisyo is truly fungible, thanks to built-in privacy features. Just like cash, all coins are equal, changeable. It is extremely unlikely that a coin will ever be blacklisted by any party due to its association in previous transactions.

Future scalability initiatives will include a modular sidechain.

Easy to use GUI and CLI clients.

Cross platform
Available for Windows and Ubuntu

Protected Proof Of Work
PoW hash function is designed for egalitarian CPU & GPU mining and ASIC Resistance

Adaptive Limits
Aluisyo intelligently adjusts its parameters based on the historical data

Encrypted Messages
Secure your confidentiality with an encrypted P2P network, secure communications and encrypted self destructive messages

Decentralized Banking
Deposits get up to 4% interest rate per year and Investments up to 12% p.a.



PoW, Cryptonight Fast

DDA & Zawy's LWMA 3

Ring Signatures & One-Time Addresses

Block Time

Decimal Places

Transaction Fees
0.0001 ANX

Max Supply
200M ANX

Up to 4.25% interest rate per year

Up to 12.50% interest rate per year

Encrypted Messages and Self Destructive Messages

NO Premine NO ICO
NO PREMINE, NO Dev FEES, NO ICO and Fairly Launched

Block reward
Starting on 5 ANX and going up to 50 ANX (+0.25ANX/month). Currently 5 ANX.

Wallet addresses are a string of 98 characters starting with "aNX"

Banking: Deposits & Investments
Deposits form the backbone of the Aluisyo ecosystem, providing users with an egalitarian form of staking that earns interests on locked deposits. Aluisyo Investments provide higher interest returns for longer term holders.

Encrypted Messages
A true decentralized, anonymous, untraceable, and end-to-end encrypted messaging service that operates on the blockchain while allowing messages that self-destruct. Future releases will include web and mobile messaging applications.


Fortress Update
The fortress update is an ongoing initiative to improve the privacy of the network while maintaining network speed and performance.

Web Wallet
The first step to mass adoption and the backend nessecary for the development of the mobile wallets, is the introduction of client-side and server-side web wallets..

P2P Lending Platform
A sidechain to provide a p2p decentralized loans for a one-time fee and using credited party�s cryptocurrency as security for the term of the loan.

Atomic Swaps
Decentralized Atomic Swaps to enable cross-chain exchange avoiding third party risks from the Aluisyo Wallet.

Block Bonuses/Penalties
Another layer of protection against attacks on the network by introducing a penalty and bonus system in response to sudden increases and then drops in network hashrate.

Aluisyo will implement the aliasing protocol to simplify aliasing for users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency while keeping it private, decentralized, and secure.

DIRA – Dynamic Interest Rate Adjustment
The protocol will adjust interest rate dynamically based on several network factors such as deposits and investment penetratation, and current supply to reduce inflationary risks.


Github: https://github.com/aluisyonetwork

Discord: https://discord.aluisyo.network

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