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What Is PokerKing ?

Pokerking is a new PVP texas hold'em poker gaming platform that is built on the EOS Blo
ckchain, It officially started operation on January 17th, 2019 with an average daily user of 3000 and it's main aim[/b] is[pre[/pre] to provide a flexible and awesome gaming experience to the players.It is a project with its own token that will be undermined as EOS bets on the tables. You play against other users, never against the machine,.

Relevant Links


Telegram group : https://t.me/pokerking_official

News channel: https://t.me/PokerKing_Newschannel

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/pokerkingone

Medium: https://medium.com/@pokerkingone

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokerKing

Whitepaper: https://pokerking.one/assets/paper/PokerKing-WhitePaper-EN.pdf?v=2

Advantages Of PokerKing

�Smooth experience: After getting to know those lots of DAPPs are not smooth enough, pokerking adopts a new technology solution to provide players with a refreshing gaming experience.

�Low CPU consumption: insufficient CPU has always been a very difficult problem for DAPP players and it makes the gaming experience extremely bad ,pokerking's new technology solution has minimized the player�s CPU consumption and completely solves this problem
�Zero register, recharge and withdraw issues: In the traditional game platform, registration and recharge are a very troublesome thing, and there is still the risk of not being able to withdraw after recharging. On the PokerKing platform, players can play games through their own EOS account, without having to recharge and withdraw.

�Benefit sharing: For the traditional game platform, players and platform have a clear conflict of interest. At PokerKing players can get KING tokens for free by playing games, and holding KING tokens can share the profits of the platform. Under such an economic model every player is a shareholder of the platform. The platform and the players have a benefit sharing, cooperation, and win-win relationship.

�Lower rake: Current traditional platform rakes from 4%-5% while PokerKing rakes 1.5%, and there is a maximum rebate of 80%。

KING Token Tockenomics And Dividends

http://   https://imgur.com/VH8otLN

KING Token is the native cryptocurrency of the pokerking platform A player Holding KING tokens can share the profits of the PokerKing platform, they share 50% of the profits with KING holders. The platform uses 10% of the profits for buying back KING tokens, circulation of KING tokens will become smaller over time through the buyback program and the value of KING tokens will increase which is a major positive benefit for the long-term KING token holders. The 40% left will be used to run operations, build greater teams and carry out high-quality events to provide long-term competitiveness on PokerKing platform, KING token is mounted at 10B.


King token is currently trading on the following exchanges with an average daily volume of $400,000

WhaleEx: https://www.whaleex.com
Newdex: https://newdex.io
Chaince: https://www.chaince.com

How To Get Started

1. Follow this tutorial to create an EOS account if you don't have.


2. Check here to install Scatter.for PC



Click here to install tockenpocket or Meet.one wallet

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tokenpocket/id1436028697?mt=8 (IOS)

3. Check this video to learn the rules of Texas Hold�em


Feel free to ask your questions here or any of our social media platforms

Telegram https://t.me/pokerking_official

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokerKing

Medium: https://medium.com/@pokerkingone

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOomXP-r1wY

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