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Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin

Idiots every year flock to pizza shops to participate in the atrocity of ordering pizza with pineapple topping.
They come from all corners of the earth, and from all economic and social levels. Some people even spend money their entire lives to be able to buy this insult to pizza and every pizza lover.

                        |  ~~–.—
                        |%[email protected]% /
                     __ |%%o/
               _,–~~ | |(_/ ._
            ,/'  No Pineapple  `\.
           /' %No Pineapple –`\
         /' %No Pineapple% `–\
        /  %oNo Pineapple%%  \
       |  %| /No Pineapple%%  |
       | %%oNo Pineapple%%  |
       |  Pineapple free area  % |
       |  (_)%No Pineapple(_)   |
        \ ~%No Pineapple-o%~ /
         \. ~oNo Pineapple-o~ ,/
           \_No Pineapple%o _/

Our plan:

The idea behind Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin is simple, We�re offering people all around the world a way to combat this barbaric practice, with the returns from the token sale we plan to pay for ads to ask lawmakers to ban offering pineapple topping and we plan to open pizza shops close to all Hawaiian pizza shops and undercut their local markets until they�re all out of business. We will support cheaper pizzas in our shops and special discounts for early token holders, in addition, you will be able to buy discounted pizzas from our shops using our tokens.

How do we plan to implement this plan?

Initial coin offering will be done through the www.mintME.com exchange, there we have the ability to create a fully functional token and offer it to our investors who can but it in exchange for Webchain, investors will deposit their BTC in mintMe.com and exchange it for Webchain which then can be used to purchase Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin.

Using some of the token sale revenue Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin team will develop a separate blockchain built with a smart contract engine, Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin will offer the people the opportunity to purchase  and with time, use Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin not only as a storage of value but also to pay for separate services and needs they might have during their time inside our pizza shops and here�s where the smart contract engine comes to play as it�ll allow different vendors to design their own apps and offer their services in exchange for the Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin

The funding platform:

Our initial funding round will be done through the new exchange www.mintME.com, we believe their services and their love for pizza would be a huge plus to our project, devoted pizza lovers can deposit their bitcoins to mintme.com purchase the exchange�s native cryptocurrency (Webchain) and use that to buy our DNPPOPC.
The whole process is easy, smooth and secure.

What makes Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin different than other tokens?

Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin is unique as it�s one of the few cryptocurrencies backed by a real-world spiritual need, meaning that as long as people keep hating other people who add pineapple topping the token will never lose its value.

Also, being one of the first serious projects to utilize platform giving us a unique position in this emerging market.

Technical details:

Name: Do NOT put pineapple on pizza Coin
MintME link: https://www.mintme.com/token/Do-NOT-put-pineapple-on-pizza-COIN
Smart Contract standard: Webchain ERC-20
Full token Release period: 1 year
Read for sale: 5 000 000.0000
Not yet released: 5 000 000.0000
Sale price: 1 DNPPOPC = 1 Web

What's next?
With the money you'll give us, a new website will be developed and a shiny new Awesome-paper will be created and if the returns are over 10k USD in the first month we'll buy a 100 pineapple pizzas and burn them in a live event.
We also are in need of an awesome creative logo. We'll pay 100 pineapple pizzas if you promise to throw them in trash.


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