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What is PatentTX?

Website: https://www.patenttx.com
Whitepaper: https://www.patenttx.com/documents/PatentTX_Whitepaper.pdf

PatentTX is a patent submission system that will allow the inventor to submit their ideas and utilize a Blockchain to securely store a submission.


The inventor will be able to safely store, access, and digitally sign their inventions.  Our PTX coin will be used to digitally sign the submitted patent and notarize with Bitcoin blockchain.



The PTX coin is a mineable coin. Utilizing Equihash algorithm, each block found will contain 15 PTX coins as a reward to the miner.


180,000,000 Total supply
12 Million Pre-mined
2 minute block times
15 PTX block reward
.0001 transaction fee
PoW 50%, PoS 50%

PatentTX (PTX) blockchain uses a Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) to mine blocks. Each block found will give the miner a 15 PTX coin reward.


The future of PatentTX is a bright one. We aim to bring the best possible Patent service to any innovators. We want our platform to be the one-stop-shop for all thing's patents. We saw how messy the current patent system is and how well organized it can be to make a profit for everyone except the inventors themselves. We bring light into a dismal part of our human history. There are more and more creative people with less and less resources to patent their ideas. PatentTX will also create a crowdfunding platform following a successful launch of the PatentTX platform so inventors can sell stake in their patent in order to raise money for research and development. This allows the Inventors to focus on what they do best, create new inventions which can be used to better humanity.

PTX Attorneys/USPTO Cooperation

We have already started to line up some of our attorney�s necessary in case an applicant wants to use legal action during a patent approval process. We will also use our attorney�s in accordance with the USPTO, since once an applicant has decided to course legal action, the USPTO will only corresponds with the applicant�s attorney under section 37 CFR 1.33 & 37 CFR 11.106.


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