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Today's Update dated 28 April 2019

Ontology introduced its VBFT consensus algorithm last year and the project has continued to build momentum over the past several months. This is big news in the world of blockchain as the PoW and BFT consensus algorithms are what most mainstream public chains are using today. Ontology hopes that the VBFT algorithm will replace those commonly used, as they believe they have solved some of the major problems that lie within them. VBFT improves on the performance and scalability of public chains all while guaranteeing the randomness and fairness of a consensus network. Other algorithms have been known to cause problems that hinder both the performance and the scalability of public chains. Ontology�s improved platform will help dApp developers harness their creativity to its maximum potential and remove limitations imposed by inefficient algorithms with poor performance. As the dApp developers lie at the center of the blockchain ecosystem, Ontology believes that the changes they are implementing will provide greater flexibility and further the ability of the developers to create new and innovative applications. Constant improvements are being made to VBFT, and large-scale and long-term practices are in progress to track the performance of this new consensus mechanism.

To read more on this, visit their recently published blog>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Blog Link

Note: I am not a part of the Ontology team and am not a point of contact for this project. For any questions related to the project, kindly contact the team members via Telegram.

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