[ANN] New Token Lockup Periods for Tap � Tokens fully divested in 6 years time

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The Tap team and stakeholders are divesting their tokens over 6 years to align incentives to that of the Tap financial ecosystem.https://medium.com/@tapngo.social/announcing-new-token-lockup-periods-for-tap-tokens-fully-divested-in-6-years-time-c58802d78948

Dear Tap users and supporters, since the inception of Tap in 2017, the Tap Global project has rapidly developed and made strong headway within the highly competitive crypto card market.

To align the team�s interests with those of the Tap financial ecosystem, a major part of the team and stakeholders compensation was in XTP coins. Therefore, to show our dedication and confidence in the Tap Project, the Tap team and stakeholders have decided to extend the lockup period by an incredible 6 years, until June 1st 2026.

The new token lockup periods will cut the circulating supply of the XTP token to 5% & reduce the XTP market cap by a further 50%. At Tap, we believe that actions speak louder than words, and have gladly extended this lockup of team coins. The revised team lockups appear in the link below. In the meantime, we�ll continue to grow and build the Tap financial ecosystem.

Tap Global Ltd.

Tap Global Ltd (tap) is a Gibraltar company providing clients with real-time trading of crypto assets utilising multiple exchanges from one APP. The multi-crypto and Fiat wallet structure of tap coupled with bespoke designed proprietary middleware solution allow TAP to facilitate trades efficiently and seamlessly. tap officially launched to the public in February 2020.

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Telegram https://t.me/officialtapngo

Medium: https://medium.com/@tapngo.social/announcing-new-token-lockup-periods-for-tap-tokens-fully-divested-in-6-years-time-c58802d78948

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