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A close look at water statistics shows that about 780 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water.
More than 1.7 billion people today live in river basins, where water consumption exceeds the supply with a huge reserve. This causes rapid drying up of rivers and hasty depletion of groundwater.
About 80% of wastewater is discharged into natural water bodies without treatment. This not only pollutes the water, but also kills the organisms living there.
Our goal is to provide a unique platform to bring together manufacturers, stakeholders and commercial end users of clean technologies. The programme will focus on commercialization, the creation of efficient business clusters, innovative case studies and success stories, investment/financing channels, innovation and trends. Our vision is that this event becomes a place for the Cleanwater industry to collaborate, be educated, be inspired, find opportunities and most importantly, do business.

            Meet —new coin CleanWatercoin

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency, whose main aim is the development of technology and the introduction of clean water supply with the use of cryptocurrency. In fact, this is the first blockchain-based project that will develop the technology and introduce the supply of clean water. The system should be based on the Waves cryptocurrency platform .

The system offers a decentralized system. Therefore, there is a potential for rapid exchange of their tokens in the currency markets. It also gives a chance to strengthen the safety of CleanWatercoin.
Main objectives of the project
1. Impact on individuals.

The money received from the token sale will provide an increase in people's living standards. The developers of the platform are not only developing the system, but will also advertise it to various groups in developing countries.
2. Impact on infrastructure.

The money raised through token sale initiatives will certainly be used to improve the social infrastructure for societies in developing countries. In these countries, there is a trend towards minimum access to basic social services, such as access to clean water . Therefore, the money collected in this way will significantly improve the living standards of many people.
3. Economic impact

Once people's lives improve, they can be expected to focus on income-generating activities with a clear mind. Moreover, part of the funds will be used to stimulate economic activities, such as agriculture in the project areas.

The coin is created on the WAVES platform, in the amount of 10 000 000 0000 pieces. Adding coins to exchanges YoBit , LiveCoin and others(over time)

About coin
Name: Clean Water

Ticker: CleanWatercoin

Maximum number of coins: 10 000 000 000

Platform: Waves

Block Explorer:https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/G3tQFMXmisvMi18mJQij3iaxVZv81kiu6EawXzxrhArF

Web wallet:https://wavesexplorer.com

Wallet ID:G3tQFMXmisvMi18mJQij3iaxVZv81kiu6eawxzxrharf

The coin can be bought on the DEX exchange. Platforms:https://client.wavesplatform.com
The mention of coins CleanWatercoin blogs, twitter, forums, youtube: 250-500 CleanWatercoin
Forum signature: 500-1000 CleanWatercoin ( minimum 7 days) (minimum 10 posts)
The first 5 investors who buy CleanWatercoin for any amount will receive: 25 CleanWatercoin
The first 3 investors who will buy 50000 CleanWatercoin will receive: 5000 CleanWatercoin
The first 3 investors who will buy 25000 CleanWatercoin will receive: 2500 CleanWatercoin
4.5-s will receive: 1000 CleanWatercoin
To get a reward, write your wallet waves in the message of the theme, specify a link to the social network where you mention the coin CleanWatercoin. Mention must be with reference to the subject
All users can participate
The reward is accrued within 24 hours

Road map
1 Issue of the coin on the platform WAVES
2 Selling coins
3 Distribution of coins among investors
4 Your website
5 the Issue of coins on yobit
6 Issue coins on livecoin
9 Trade


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