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The NetVRk platform aims to provide users and businesses with unique opportunities to leverage VR capabilities and create new VR experiences, applications, and environments in which people can explore, communicate, and work. Our goal is to make NetVRk universal � one platform for all VR content, including games, performance, brand positioning, and retail, as well as virtual jobs for people working in VR. We will also provide a platform for people to connect, design, develop, and build together.
In the NetVRk virtual universe, you can find it all: planets, cities, interactions, and infinite worlds to explore, create, and even monetize. Anything you can imagine can come alive with NetVRk, as there are no limits in the virtual dimension!

^Check the video about NETVRK ^

NetVRk has created its own cryptocurrency: a utility token deployed according to the ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum Mainnet. Once the user has acquired AVR tokens, s/he will be granted with access to the NetVRk platform within the Ethereum Public blockchain. These tokens will be traded for ERC20 utility tokens in the private chain, and will be used as native tokens within the Ethereum Private Chain.

NetVRk has also developed an additional ERC20 utility token for the company's internal activity. This token will be used only in the private blockchain as payment and rewards unit. Since the ERC20 AVR internal token serves as NetVRk's own private chain token, it allows us to keep track of all transactions while  ensuring complete transparency of the entire platform�s operations.

The NetVRk team makes sure platform users have the opportunity to earn rewards for their operational activities. About 3.5 percent of AVR tokens will be allocated in the rewards pool on the Ethereum public blockchain with a fixed number of internal ERC20 utility tokens. Those tokens will be minted according to the number of ERC20 utility AVR tokens in the Ethereum public rewards pool.

Users will have the opportunity to earn rewards for generating traffic or new accounts, adding assets, and bringing new business opportunities such as partnerships and sponsorships. Users can spend their earned rewards for services or assets within the NetVRk platform, or withdraw and exchange them for public ERC20 utility AVR tokens using the redemption model request (with exchange into cryptocurrency units on external exchanges).

This rewards method grants users the opportunity to spend their rewards tokens for NetVRk services or monetize them.

NetVRk users will have a wide choice of payment methods with different currencies. We are not restricting our participants to NetVRk�s utility tokens or AVRs. The user chooses to set his/her crypto wallet to accept payments in various currencies. NetVRk will charge extra fees for transactions in other cryptocurrencies, while transactions with AVR coins will be conducted with significantly reduced commission.

Users who wish to exchange their assets between themselves will be able do so directly using their NetVRk wallets. To carry out these transactions, both the seller and the buyer will use the easy-to-use NetVRk interface, where they can access their inventory on each side, select the object(s) they want to exchange, enter the buyer's ID, and set a price.

Our team wants all users to be able to sell and trade content on NetVRk in the most convenient way!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agVKQcflw0o

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-katseli-00494b35/

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