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World's First Ecosystem and Decentralized Platform
for Spectrometry Applications

Our revolutionary blockchain based platform is designed to create
an own blockchain ecosystem representing a radically new
scientific and commercial platform for fast characterisation
and functionality understanding in life sciences, biotechnology,
health care, food science and technology.


NanoSpectral is targeting a breakthrough by developing a radically new scientific and commercial platform for fast measurements and functionality understanding in biotechnology and food science and technology.
We will open a new area in biological sciences and engineering by exploring and describing biological systems through a non-destructive monitoring of their interaction with near infrared light (NIR), considering not only direct light interactions with specific compounds (current state-of-the-art methods), but also with their surrounding water, which is present in each biological system (unique for this approach).
Next to the platform applying next generation nanotechnologies we are developing a unique handheld photonic integrated Spectrometer that will be with the targeted resolution and precision the first of its kind and provide the necessary tool for qualitative and quantitative advanced characterisation of wide range of biological systems.

Key Features

Worldwide decentralised platform for characterisation of biological systems
Ultra-high resolution portable Fourier transform spectrometer devices
Blockchain based platform using NASP coin as core component providing different functionalities
Global and custom-tailored solutions with insulated personal data

Challenges of current Spectrometry

Time-consuming and expensive
Huge engineering efforts
Integration of multidisciplinary approaches
Whole system characterisation
Appropriate characterisation devices

Nanospectral's Solutions

We are creating one-stop solutions for a wide range of applications overcoming the current state-of-the-art limitations by providing approaches for better characterisation and understanding of biological world.

We will realise
Global highly interdisciplinary platform
Fast, workable and affordable approaches
Rapid, inexpensive and precise methods
New methodologies
Whole system evaluation
Next generation characterisation devices

NASP Coin and Blockchain

Coin Name: NASP
Algorithm: Quark
Coin Type: POS & MN
MN Collateral: 5,000 NASP
Block Time: 1 Minute
Maturity: 101 Blocks
Min stake age: 1 hour
Premine: 10M NASP
Max Coin Supply: 40,000,000 NASP
Encrypted transactions: YES

NASP Wallets


Public Sale Starts: 24th October 2019 12:00 CET
Public Sale Ends: 25th January 2020 12:00 CET
Initial Coin Supply: 10,000,000
Coins Allocated for ICO: 1,500,000
Hard Cap: � 1M
Soft Cap: � 400k
Coin Value: 1 NASP = 0.0002 BTC
Accepted: BTC, ETH

For more details please check our website at www.nanospectral.com or contact us on discord.

NanoSpectral Roadmap

Q3 2019 Concept development
General Concept for an spectrometry analysis platform
Specification for portable ultra-high resolution spectrometry devices

Q4 2019 ICO & Project Start
Initial blockchain
Wallet release
ICO launch and start of crowd-sale
Design of website and release of whitepaper
Design of an UH-FTS onto a photonic integrated chip
Analysis platform specifications
Listing on exchanges

Q1 2020 Technology Development I
Realization of single characterisation modules for the analysis platform
NIR spectrometry database implementation
First photonic integrated chips with ultra-high resolution
Optimisation and if necessary, redesign of single components
Listing on major exchanges

Q2 2020 Technology Development II & Prototyping
First prototype of UH-FTS and characterisation
Device optimisation and integration of user functionality
Assembling of single platform modules into a global solution.
Implementation of first characterisation algorithms

Q3 2020 Platform Funktionality and Characterisation
Integration of UH-FTS devices into the platform
Optimisation and design improvements
Alpha Platform functionality testing

Q4 2020 Beta Platform User Testing
On-site platform testing by customers
Functionality and design improvements
Preparation of pilot production of UH-FTS devices

NanoSpectral Links


Github: https://github.com/nanospectral/NASP/releases/tag/v1.0.0.0

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