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Futurepia development and design team are onto something really cool that, in near future, could possibly change the way content sharing and online earning works. Just like Tiktok app changed the way short videos are made and Tinder changed the way online dating works, Futurepia Messenger is set to revolutionize the way content creators earn money.

n the past information, providers had to rely on ads to earn bucks � more ads mean more income. So, content creators slowly and slowly start focusing on more ways to generate traffic rather than creating quality content. Then came blockchain dapps like steemit to challenge the existing compensation systems. Steemit, Akasha and Dtube started paying content creators in the form of crypto tokens based on the quality of their posts.


Content creators are rewarded based on the number of votes they receive for their content without any middleman involved, and this is presenting a new way of generating profit from personal content.
The problems with existing dapps can be stated as: boring design, complex signup procedure, lack of features, complicated for beginners. Just imagine signing up for Steemit and trust me, you will gave up the dream of earning money in a few hours. Let me be very honest, the idea is great, but the website sucks. In order to target these problems, Futurepia team came up with the solution, Futurepia Messenger � an app that will change the way content creators earn money.

Futurepia Messenger is a one-stop shop sort of app that covers all the needs of any crypto-enthusiasts. The app is basically a social network for content creators merged with wallet and exchange. So you could say:

Futurepia Messenger = Social Network + Wallet + PIA Exchange


It is going to be the first of its kind of a handy service that serves as an all-in-one app purpose. Using Futurepia messenger, users can talk to their friends up to 3rd degree, share content on news feed, make groups and communities, exchange PIA tokens with FPC and can also access the wallet. Since its an app based on blockchain i.e DApp (decentralized application), it will have its own token which will be different than FPC.

* PIA Token
Just like steemit has its toke called Steem, PIA will be the base liquid currency token in the platform that can be traded with FPC and vice versa.

PIA token is just like steem but having more value and functions. PIA token currently values at 1 PIA = 1 KRW (Korean Won). Content creators would be able to earn PIA for actively participating in the DApp i.e by uploading quality content and interacting with their followers. The better the content is posted, more PIA will be awarded. Not only that, anyone can start earning money on Futurepia Messenger unlike Youtube or Facebook, where you need to have thousands of followers and watch time in order to be eligible for showing ads on your videos.

The main 3 features of Futurepia Messenger are:

a) Messenger Wallet
Futurepia Wallet feature inside the messenger is such a convenient took that will be loved by every one. Futurepia Wallet comes with these features:

Check how much PIA tokens you have
Access your Futurepia wallet too
Can receive or transfer both FPC and PIA tokens to your friends.


b) Social Network
Just like a normal messaging app, people can chat with their friends. But there is something that makes Futurepia Messanger stand out among all other apps � �Post Content to get paid�. Posting can be done in various ways:

Public Feed: Users can upload their content in the shape of text, pictures, webtoons, graphics and videos on a main public feed.
Categories: Content creators can list the content under specific categories so that only people interested in those groups can view, like and comment.
Groups: Creators can even make groups and communities for their fans to get better reach for their posts.


More details about the social network and compensation policies will be rolled out in the coming few weeks.

c) PIA Exchange
Through this exchange platform, FPC coin holders can exchange their coins with PIA tokens that will be used to award the content creators they like. In the same manner, PIA tokens can also be changed to FPC coins which later on can be traded with other alt coins or fiat on other exchanges.


Stay tuned and more details about compensation policies and app rollout dates will be announced very soon.

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