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Best Future Paymets for Creative Industries Based Tokens

Short description :
MNCX (MooncoinX) is a representation of globalization, where the moon is defined as an earth satellite and coin is one of the means of payment. In other words MNCX is a payment media in the field of creative industries, E-Commerce, education and social humanity and services


Cryptocurrency consists of two words is crypto that means secrets and currency that means money. In simple terms we can interpretation cryptocurrency as a virtual currency technology which uses cryptography to secure transaction systems. Unlike currency that we use every day, cryptocurrency has no physical form because it is in the virtual world and digital form. After many years of development cryptocurrency growing and many people who know and learn about crypto. Some countries for example Japan, have enacted crypto currency in 2017 ago. Because of the anonymous nature cryptocurrency, the Japanese government take immediate measures to conduct and formalize pengwasan crypto in order to protect investors-investors. Thus cryptocurrency already familiar in some countries has even become a solution for payment. The development of this technology can be utilized every company, in order to do business and other programs use cryptocrrency. Seeing the rapid development, we are very keen to capitalize on the crypto technology essentially as a means of payment. Because a lot of things that can be collaborated with crypto example to the field of E-Commerce, social, humanitarian, education, services and creative industries. MNCX (MooncoinX) Is a representation of globalization, where the moon which means a satellite of the earth and the coin is one of the means of payment. In other words MNCX is a medium of payment in the field of creative industries, e-commerce, education and humanitarian and social services.


Currently, many do not realize, cryptocurrency already started to show its development. Starting from 2009 when bitcoin shows the technology that is blockchain, where everyone in the world can make transactions centered in the given media Market / Exchanger to bring together buyers and sellers of digital assets and the holders of the assets must be sold to a broker to sell his assets into their currency that can be used to meet the needs. It's a problem that some people have to go through many stages in order to feel profit from digital assets that they have. On the basis of the MooncoinX wanted to provide a solution to apply in the field of creative industries where primary and secondary needs humans to facilitate users to gain direct access to the product you want to have, a lot of roles that can be followed on our project. A small example as a creative team or as a creator and professional market participants.


Data survey : https://t.me/Blockreative/3
The data shows the results of voting "We have to register our concerns tokens on multiple platforms, before we have joined one of the platforms, give your vote a vote on Several platforms. so that we can choose the best platform for tokens that we will develop ". From 4 platform compared to 66% dominated by STELLAR, 15% for ethereum platform, 9% and 4% WAVES platform EOS. From the above poll also questioned the scalability and speed of transactions on each platform. Thus MooncoinX will be developed under stellar platform to support all business areas and programs that we have designed in the future. In addition, this platform have transaction fairly good speed, low fees and good security. According to some stellar articles lumens network has the advantages of anti-spam to the smallest level, Actually, this function also owned by Ethereum (ETH) to prevent DDoS attacks or simply thousands and even millions Request at a time, which usually leads to slowness of transaction processing. Each transaction will be charged a small fee worth 0.00001, so the malicious intent to overwhelm the network would not be able to do. Even if one wanted to do it.


Why we chose the creative industry? Because basically the creative industry will continue to grow and become a secondary necessity in human life and business. One of these ads or multimedia services, using crypto currency as payment. Performers service providers can use the MooncoinX as a means of payment that is safe, fast and low fees. Any field Kratif industry to be developed in the future? How many fields will be our initial focus first on E-Commerce, Services Advertising and humanitarian described as follows:

  • Social humanity with social media and sharing
  • E-Commerce for solution for buying online shop
  • Advertising

  • asset name : MooncoinX (Verified)
  • Ticker : MNCX
  • domain : Mooncoinx.com
  • asset Status : Live
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Description : MNCX (MooncoinX) is a representation of globalization, where the moon is defined as an earth satellite and coin is one of the means of payment. In other words MNCX is a payment media in the field of creative industries, e-commerce, education and social humanity and services.
  • issuing Condition : Pay with fast transaction all products. Solution of payment in the future.
  • Data Toml : https://github.com/mooncoinx/MNCX
  • Explorer data : https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/asset/MNCX-GCB3QC6W3BCZRKJ4VND72UM2RXKL7RH2ZMSLOCHGB4FTGTRIKNYCB7O4

✅ Q1 :
🔘Nov 2018 ➡️ Market reseacrh, development preparations.
🔘Des 2018 ➡️ project idea formation, market analysis development prosfects, aims and mission of the projects.
🔘Jan 2019 ➡️ private sale, consultasions and development of marketing.

✅ Q2 :
🔘 Feb 2019 ➡️ integrations with necessary analytical source.
🔘 March 2019 ➡️ Market research and listing on market
🔘 Apr 2019 ➡️ building E – commerce online program.

✅ Q3 :
🔘 May 2019 ➡️ evalusion and deploy and public test web E – commerce
🔘 June 2019 ➡️ pre ico and launch airdrop
🔘 July 2019 ➡️ public sale ico

✅ Q4 :
🔘 augst 2019 &#101
45;️ evalusion and build mobile app
🔘 sept 2019 ➡️ list on more market (target 5 market live)
🔘 oct 2019 ➡️ Analysis connection member and running humanity program
🔘 Nov 2019 ➡️ Evaluation and new timeline program


Twitter: https://twitter.com/mooncoinx

Telegram https://t.me/Blockreative/3

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/MoonCoinX

Medium: https://medium.com/@mncx

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgizvHYM5R2AhkAzZFERKXw

Github: https://github.com/mooncoinx/MNCX

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mooncoinx

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