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Mimirium Network
Distributed User-Owned Personal Database With Anonymous Business Interface
The software collects and processes personal and behavioral information and allows anonymized and aggregated queries.

✔ Good for users – they share only anonymous information and earn money
✔ 100% GDPR compliant – no personal information is ever revealed
✔ Affordable – the software is a lot cheaper than existing systems

What problem does our software solve?
In the light of the recent data breaches, data privacy scandals and new comprehensive privacy regulations such as GDPR, "data" is a hot topic. In one hand, companies need data to operate as data is often referred to as the "new oil"; on the other hand, internet users become more and more worried about their personal data and new regulations make it harder to process and store it. At Mimirium, we believe that the user and the user only must be in possession of his data. However, we also understand the need for data on a global scale for business and statistical purposes.


Don�t own their data
Don�t earn from their data
Don�t know what happens with their data
See irrelative ads
See ads but don�t want to


High cost of the campaigns
GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations
Lack of data
Poor targeting
Slow campaigns
Expensive cloud services

How does Mimirium Network solve the problem?
Mimirium is a software that collects users information and stores it securely on their devices. All users running that software form a distributed network database which can be used to extract aggregated anonymous information.
For his participation the user earns rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.
The system allows the business to perform powerful targeting being 100% GDPR compliant. The software utilizes modern cryptographic techniques, blockchain and machine learning.

Business Interface
Through our powerful business interface, marketing researches, statisticians, advertisers or big data scientist, can perform queries, create surveys and see the results.
All companies are validated prior to being able to access our network. No blockchain knowledge or possession of cryptocurrency is required. The business operates in a standard manner and payments are done in fiat.

Data Collection
Our main idea is to give the power to control his data back to the source � The User. He collects information, both personal and behavioral, from all devices he owns � mobile, IoT, laptop etc.  Though he is not sharing this and it is stored securely encrypted and only he owns the keys. The raw data is NEVER shared with anyone.
Anonymization and Aggregation
Mimirium Network moves the targeting to the user�s end thus preserving the anonymity of his data. The extracted is encrypted homomorphicall
y and is send to the aggregation nodes. They validate the data, aggregate it and send the final results to the client. The client receives only the info he needs, without any sensitive, subjective or personal information.
Who are our potential clients?
Users generate data and earn from its' usage. They are the core of our ecosystem.

Retail Business
Businesses can directly reach the desired target groups and advertise its services and receive feedback with surveys.

Statistical Offices
Private and national statistical offices can perform data mining, polls and surveys over large populations.

Websites and Apps
We collect events from web and mobile apps that support our network and they earn from ads in the same way as usual, but without someone taking half of their share.

Ad Networks
We provide the options for them to perform precise targeting and programmatic ads without the need to store data and deal with GDPR.

Market Researches
The software can be used for data mining on a big scale with low costs and huge amount of options.

Our business model


Business budget = $100.000

– 10% Network expenses

– 10% Mimirium cut

= 80% for Users/Websites

Surveys – Business pays to perform surveys

Advertising – Ad networks pay for targeting

Data Mining – Market researchers pay to extract data

Market Size

Our exceptional team


Georgi Hristov

IT project manager,
business owner,
experience in SEO and digital marketing

Galin Dinkov

Software engineer and manager,
co-founder of Zariba, Casualino, CryptoVarna.
Experience in big data analyzing user behavior.



Mimirium Network has taken part in GITEX Future Stars – the biggest high technology conference in the Middle East. In the startup competition Mimirium Network was selected and won the attention of the organizers and the first prize in the "Blockchain projects" category.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mimirium/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCal3OKAvozTVUVLf7QKVjSQ

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mimirium-ltd/

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