[ANN] [Mainnet Launch] LEVERJ Futures DEX – Fast, Secure, Liquid

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Check out our Gluon Plasma technology

Live on Mainnet.

Funds safety is the imperative of any exchange.

Gluon Plasma accomplishes a comprehensive measure of security using the following:

  • Security Model: A security model is an abstraction that enables experts to analyze and verify system security decoupled from implementation. A security model can also be used as a reference to validate correctness of implementations.
  • Proof of Custody: We prove that the user is in custody of funds at all times using a state-machine based proof. Similar to the security model, this enables analysis and validation.
  • Security Audits: We are engaging a prominent security firm to conduct security audits on our contracts. An independent audit is critical to finding implementation issues and bugs before deployment.
  • Security Bounties: Professional hackers attacking the system to legally collect bounties is an essential aspect for comprehensive security.

The LEVERJ team has traders with decades of combined professional trading experience and decades of building trading systems. We know what the real issues are. We know the market imperatives, legal requirements, and performance limits. We are designing a real exchange for real traders.

Leverj uses a two token system that enables a clear separation of value and utility. Watch video to learn more.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leverj_io

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/C-gLzkMqKr1zmoeS-ZQePg

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/j6CGGW2

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