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What is LIFE?

It is a transnational instrument and consumer reward system for large businesses, charities, communities and innovation projects. It can be bought, sold and traded like shares, or used to purchase items from a growing number of retailers. Be part of the revolution!

Key features

  • A tokenised reward system for all
  • Sustainable through adoption by socially responsible organisations
  • Philanthropically inclined, supporting global communities and humanitarian charities
  • Progressive, with plans to demystify cryptocurrency: �Simply for everyday people�
  • Open to community involvement and development

A token for everyone

LIFE is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum Network, and the core component of an open and constantly evolving eco-system of products and technologies being developed by LIFElabs (for whom it is the primary vehicle for all transactions, facilitations, contributions�)

LIFE is �simply for everyday people�, an ideal that is reflected by its fixed supply of 100 billion tokens � there�s more than enough for everyone! � and instilled in the physical card and wallet that will accompany it.

LIFE will take the de-centralised benefits of cryptocurrency economics to the masses, making a real difference to people�s lives. With this in mind, LIFElabs will start a charitable fund and donate tokens each month to a charity that has been chosen by the LIFE community. The card and wallet will become part of this, allowing users to track how their transactions and donations have contributed to charitable causes and projects.


LIFE already has a number of adopters, including an online financial advisory service who are rewarding users with LIFE for referring their service to other potential subscribers.  

Major landlords in the UK are developing plans for rewarding tenants with LIFE for punctual rent payments, length of tenure and good community deeds. These landlords are private, but the concept is being rolled out to the social housing sector giving millions of potential users access to LIFE.

A FIAT/crypto exchange site will soon provide an option for customers to purchase coins with LIFE, establishing what will be a long-term partnership and increasing the utility of LIFE and other LIFElabs products.

Who are LIFElabs?

LIFElabs are the research and development hub responsible for LIFEcoin, LIFEcard and LIFEwallet – three distinct yet intrinsically linked products. Founded by a collective of tech-driven world changers, LIFElabs are keen to bring cryptocurrency to everyday people, with a firm belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be part of the crypto revolution.

"The LIFE eco-system"

Other facets of LIFE


LIFEcard is a low-cost user-friendly Mastercard debit card without hidden fees. It will enable card-based payment for goods and services using LIFE, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The card will incorporate a range of technologies to make it as simple to use as possible, including contactless payment.


LIFEwallet is a software wallet for storing and sending LIFE, ETH, and BTC. It is being designed and developed with simplicity and security in mind, ensuring funds are accessible but completely safe. Upon release, the wallet will be obtainable through the LIFElabs website.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIFEtoken_

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/HFVijQ3hyhyQZa6LQCE-NQ/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LIFEtoken.ForEverydayPeople/

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