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IoTE is the next generation Internet of Things Explorer platform with privacy,Secure,convenient,fast and strong scalability for smart adaptation new IoT applications and ecosystems.
The Future of IoT Micro Transactions. Always Available, World Wide, 24/7,Built for everyday use.

Top Ten Highlights of IoTE
[1] The first six stages of the block award are halved every six months, and the sooner the participation is more beneficial;
[2] Introducing the master node network, the master node builder receives 35% of the revenue from the block reward;
[3] The original CryptoVantaa algorithm is CPU friendly and GPU resistant;
[4] PoW uses CPU mining, the threshold is low, everyone can participate;
[5] PoW+iPoS hybrid consensus mechanism to ensure the effective operation of P2P networks;
[6] Innovative decentralized management proposal system to ensure the future DAPP ecological construction;
[7] Blockchain + Internet of Things solves the pain points of existing commercial structures and forms a new commercial structure in the future;
[8] Built-in privacy features, you can choose strong anonymity, mixed transmission allows users to be privately searched;
[9] The future will be based on IPFS and DAG technology to ensure data storage and interaction speed;
[10] With a loosely coupled modular design, the multi-layer network structure can adapt to more complex applications in the future.
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Github: https://github.com/IoTEChain/Document

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