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IMMLA (International MultiModal Logistic Application) is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments.

Webinar on September 29  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4WIxEdBPjw

The mission of IMMLA project is a simple, clear and convenient interaction between the owner of cargo and the transporter on all stages of the freight transport. Furthermore, it aims to do so through the use of blockchain technology and smart-contracts, which would be used in the process of transportation and would completely eliminate trust deficit, information barriers and legal costs. It brings the development of logistics technology to a whole new level as well as it means complete security and confidentiality throughout the whole supply chain.


IMMLA has the world�s best team of experts in logistics and IT, who have developed the leading ERP-solution Logismart. Step-by-step IMMLA team will create a multimodal blockchain forwarder based on the Logismart solution and the Ethereum blockchain.

The logistics market capacity amounts to $8.1 trillion, where logistics outsourcing is approximately $760 billion. IMMLA is about to earn 1% of the cost of transportation serviced, which is a revolutionary low price for a high-quality and safe forwarding service.

We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system for transportation, document flow and payments. We employ Dutch auction of carriers, GPS-cargo monitoring, cargo damage in transit and delivery time monitoring, insurance and credit activities to offer you the best possible prices. The blockchain technology eliminates the risk of unfair business practices and/or non-performance of the contract. We are positive that the spread of high-speed Internet on the transport routes, and the use of blockchain technology have reached the optimum level for IMMLA to be successfully launched.

The updated IMMLA strategy will be presented in White Paper ver. 2.0 that will be published on 11 September.

Proof of Concept is available at immla.dev-group.io and shows the work of the IMMLA blockchain. External monitoring of the IMMLA blockchain is available at ethscan.dev-group.io.

Proof of Concept code is available for everyone on github https://github.com/IMMLA/immla

Screenshot of pre-alpha version of IMMLA system:

Bounty Campaign Thread

ICO Terms&Conditions

In terms of providing distributed value for investors, IMMLA uses its own token IML, based on Ethereum blockchain.
During ICO investors have a chance to buy 434,477,177 IML

The sale will take place among 4 lots:

1st lot: 170,053,520 IML tokens. 1 ETH= 3,640 IML
2nd lot: 103,725,856 IML tokens. 1 ETH= 3,549 IML
3rd lot: 100,319,718 IML tokens. 1 ETH= 3,458 IML
4th lot: 60,378,083  IML tokens. 1 ETH= 3,367 IML

Safe ICO

There are two possible scenarios in relation to smart contracts that are issuing IML tokens:
1) If the ICO succeeds, the IMMLA founders will receive 10% of the tokens that will be in turn frozen for 5 months. During this time, IMMLA is going to start servicing the first commercial transportation in the autotruck services market;
2) In case less than 18,000,000 IML tokens will be placed, the raised ETH will automatically return to the investors.


Start date: September 15, 2017
End date: October 15, 2017

Use of funds
The funds raised during the ICO will be directed for the launch of:
-a road and sea freight module in 2018
– �air� and �customs� module in 2019
– �forwarding� and �warehouse� module in 2020
– �railway� module in 2021.

In case there will be more access to the expert knowledge and budget, some of the modules may be launched earlier.
Each module will include 5 components:
� Web service and interface
� Delivery analysis service (DAS)
� Document management service (DMS)
� Delivery tracking service (DTS)
� Blockchain

Focus on the Asian logistics market
IMMLA has rescheduled the service launch in China and its neighbouring countries two years earlier from 2021 to 2019

Core features of IMMLA:

Confidence and reliability

The decentralized system guarantees the payment to the carrier regardless of IMMLA�s financial condition, the same way it guarantees the delivery or insurance payment to the cargo owner.
The terms of shipment, the current position of the cargo, its condition at the time of transfer of responsibility between carriers are recorded through the blockchain, and can not be altered by any of the parties.

IMMLA saves your money

The Dutch auction of carriers optimizes transportation costs.
Use of IMMLA will reduce the number of idle trips.
A cargo owner with high rating within the system gets credit and saves its current assets.


User-friendly mobile and desktop interface.
Fully automated transportation and workflow, no need for third-party services; delivery options at your disposal; the service tracks the cargo online, so you always know where it is geographically.
With an end-to-end electronic bill of lading, all the practices are able to see the full transportation history.

Bounty Campaign Thread

Short video interviews with team members

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMMLA_io

Telegram https://t.me/immlaio

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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/-IMMLA-

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4WIxEdBPjw

Github: https://github.com/IMMLA/immla

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