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Website trx.chibifighters.io
Registrar domain Gandi SAS
Domain reg 2018-02-22
Domain exp 2020-02-22
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The #1 Blockchain Hit has Come to TRON

Welcome to CHIBI FIGHTERS, one of the longest-running blockchain games on the Ethereum blockchain.  Chibi Fighters is an action-packed, multi-style fighting game, with a vast marketplace filled with gear, armor, potions and weapons to prepare your Chibi Fighter for battle!  Chibi Fighters features an online multiplayer module that allows you to team up with friends to form a clan and conquer Chibi Island together.

Chibi Fighters came to life in early 2018 and was written and created by Garry Runke.As a moderately sized studio, we have grown since then to now include two very talented 2D artists, two full-time resident programmers and a superb marketing force.Of course, we also wish to recognize an amazing community of players, mods and admins. If not for you, Chibi Fighters would not be possible. We strive to work with talent all over the globe and therefore maintain  a  heavy  online  presence.

We feel the TRON Blockchain Network does offer various advantages over the Ethereum Network, the most important advantage is free transactions for players.  While creating Chibi Fighters TRON Edition, we upgraded the token contracts to the latest versions and improve the code. We want to ensure we put lessons learned in the past to good use in the Chibi Fighters TRON Edition. Our TRON Presale of Founder  Chibis  (FCF)  tokens  was over in record time. 

Currently, we have Early Bird Chibi Fighter tokens for sale and those tokens are limited. Owning  an  Early  Bird  Chibi  Fighter  (CBE)  token grants access to a spectacular welcome package of exclusive gear and weapon choices only available to FCF and CBE owners.These choices will not be made available after game launch. For instance, CBE Chibi Fighters will come with an in-game pet Dragon who no doubt will help its master in the battle for supremacy on Chibi Island!
Early bird trait

Chibi Fighters Dividend Token (CDT) is our way of sharing our profits with you, the players and investors of Chibi Fighters.  You are what makes this game.  The rules are incredibly simple, Stake your token and withdraw dividends (TRX)day after day.
Every month we add 10% of our profits (after taxes) into the dividend pot.  Chibi Fighters Dividend Token (CDT) are written to TRC20 standard, following official Tronscan rules they are based on the well known and established AnteToken.
This means they are not a dumb TRC10 token but a smart token.  They can interact with smart contracts and can trigger all sorts of interesting things.  For example you could spend them on unique Chibi Fighters, or the fact that you own these token can grant a bonus. They could also be part of games inside and outside of the Chibis eco system.  Smart Token allow for near endless possibilities. Where of course Dividends, are just one of the many options possible.

To start claiming dividends all you have to do is stake your CDT token.  Each time you stake your token, 1% of them will transfer to our main contract and be consumed.  Don�t freeze and unfreeze constantlyIt is best practice to stake them and keep claiming dividends.Only ever unstake them if you change your wallet.Now you are ready to claim TRX dividends.You can claim them every 24h. However, if you miss claiming them, they will be added back into the dividend pool and your share will be gone for this day.  Each time you claim dividends, your token will freeze for 24h. This means you are not able to unstake your token during that time period.  After these 24h you can unstake, transfer, sell your tokens as you wish.  Or way more importantly, claim dividends again! 

– To claim TRON TRX dividends you need to stake CDT token
– Tokens are frozen for 24h on claim
– 1% of your amount staked will be consumed each time you stake CDT
– Unstaking and transfers don�t consume token

– 10% of our profits(after taxes)are added to the TRX dividend pot each month
– 100,000,000 CDT(Chibi Fighters Dividend Token)are initially minted
– CDTs are TRC20 token(they can be traded at any DEX)CDTs can only be aquired as gift
– We will gift them to FCF and CBE owners
– You need to stake token to claim dividends
– Staked token can not be transfered for 24h after a dividend claim
– Staking consumes 1% of the staked amount
– Unstaking doesn�t consume token
– Contract has no minting function. There can never be more than100,000,000 CDT in existence.
– Voting power CDT grant you access to secret pages.You are now part of the crew.

Contract Name: Chibi Dividend Token
Token Name: Chibi Dividend Token
Symbol: CDT
Logo:  https://trx.chibifighters.io/logo.png
Contract address :TKNyVDieyEyCzxPJnJAVLQ87iQrfzCGYu3
Issuer addressTWYcGAmHZw9SGgMBQMU8ek7MrFqNVKgfA3
Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100 mil)
Decimals: 6
Whitepaper: https://trx.chibifighters.io/chibifighters_dividends.pdf
Website: https://trx.chibifighters.io
Discord:  https://discord.gg/6qtDD9x
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChibiFighters?lang=en
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/chibifighters/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChibiFighters?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chibifighters/
Github: https://github.com/TRONbet/ANTE/blob/master/AnteToken.sol

Discord: https://discord.gg/6qtDD9x

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