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International Crypto Bank Coin


In 2014, blockchain enthusiasts teamed up to develop and implement a new crypto platform.
For the first time, there is a crypto platform which
 a cryptocurrency, a bank and forging (mining) all in one
Also, our platform allows you to use its blockchain for your own applications.



International transfers can be made with cryptocurrencies for very small commission.

In our system there are two kinds of transfers � simple (1 ICBC) and private (5 ICBC):

Simple transfercan be fully viewed by everybody in the Explorer.
Private transferonly the hash value is shown in the Explorer.
This takes longer than a simple transfer, because it passes several times through the platform, making it a private transfer


Deposit � an amount of ICB coins that is placed in the bank which gives interest.


On Gold coin deposits from 1 coin a daily*1 interest payment will be made, according to the following table:

20% yearly interest rate during the 1st year
17% yearly interest rate during the 2nd year
14% yearly interest rate during the 3rdyear
3% yearly interest rate during the 4th and next years
From 1 to 499 999 999 coins, interest will be paid into an open wallet.
Above 500 000 000 coins it will be a passive income*2.


Silver deposits from 1 coin will be paid at a yearly interest rate of 33% on a daily basis.
From 1 to 499 999 999 coins, interest will be paid into an open wallet.
Above 500 000 000 coins it will be a passive income*2 at 55% yearly interest rate.

*1 – the year starts counting from the day that the genesis block is created in the blockchain
*2 – with a closed wallet


Loans � obtaining a specified number of coins for temporary use.
Silver coins are converted to Credit coins and added to the loan obtainer�s account through an on-site bidding process.
After the end of the loan contract ends, the amount is automatically returned to the lender.
Interest on the loan needs to be paid in advance.



The Gold coin is the main coin on our platform.
All quotes on the exchange are done with this coin.
You can deposit, withdraw and exchange this coin on other exchanges to other crypto currencies
(for example: bitcoin, ethereum, etc.)

                        During the start of our blockchain, i.e. in the genesis block, we issued 20 000 000 000 Gold coins.                                                        
With the Gold coin money can be earned by forging coins, depositing coins, transfers and on the crypto exchanges.



The Silver coin is the internal coin on our platform, which can be used to exchange to Gold coins and Credit coins.
This coin cannot be withdrawn and exchanged for another crypto currency.
In the genesis block there were 10 000 000 000 Silver coins issued.
With the Silver coin money can be earned by forging coins, depositing coins, giving loans and on our internal exchange.


The Credit coin is the second internal coin on our platform.
A Credit coin is created when a Silver coin is given as a loan.
So when issuing a loan, a Silver coin is labeled and converted into a Credit coin.
These Credit coins are blocked for the duration of the contract on the lender�s account and are added to the account of the person who requested the loan.
The loan will be automatically repaid at the end of the contract.
The interest for the loan needs to be paid up-front. The Credit coin can be used for deposits and on our exchange.
With the Credit coin money can be earned by depositing coins and on our internal exchange.

Check out the video here
Check out our website: https://icbcoin.com/
If you have any questions, please, contact our support: https://icbcoin.com/

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Also, our Bounty Campaign is coming soon.

BOUNTY THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3946603.msg37679242#msg37679242

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinIcb

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/icbcoin

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