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HumanityDAO – Unique Identity on Ethereum

An experiment in unique identity, governance, and Universal Basic Income. Available now on the Ethereum mainnet.

Learn more: https://medium.com/marbleorg/introducing-humanity-90ddf9ead235

Imagine we had a reliable list of unique humans on Ethereum. What types of applications could we build? A Sybil-resistant identity system would unlock lots of new opportunities including:

* Democratic voting
* Quadratic voting, as imagined in Radical Markets
* Reputation systems
* Credit, as in unsecured lending
* Distribution of virtual goods, like tokens or usernames
* Entitlement systems, like Universal Basic Income
* Maintaining such a list via an incentive game rather than relying on a central authority carries additional benefits of global access, fairness, and lower costs.

HumanityDAO is a game that is designed to incentivize a set of economic actors to maintain a registry of unique human identities without a central authority.

tl;dr: Get $1 (1 Dai stablecoin) per month by getting voted into a registry of unique humans. You can apply to the registry here.

Medium: https://medium.com/marbleorg/introducing-humanity-90ddf9ead235

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