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What is Herbalist Token (HERB) Project?
Global Marketplace
Today, rare herb growers and collectors are struggling to find a convenient marketplace to sell their product around the world. Most of the rare herbs have interested parties and buyers around the globe but most of the farmers can only sell their products locally because there is no marketplace to bring them together. Rare herbs grow in very different parts of the world and these areas are usually rural areas and sometimes they are in developing countries.
As a result, the growers sell their product to intermediaries and then the intermediaries can sell the product to buyers in foreign countries.
This situation increases the prices and affects the customers, at the same time it causes the farmers to earn less money for their product.
Additionally, corporates and big companies overcharge consumers by cornering the market and creating monopolies. This creates an enormous wealth gap between corporate owners and hardworking farmers.
As you can see, a farmer is able to get only %13 of the money paid for a produce while the consumer spends most of his money to services which does not add any value to the produce. Herbalist Token Project is going to solve this problem by building a blockchain integrated global marketplace that will bring the farmers and the buyers together. In our platform, any farmer is going to be able list their products and find buyers around the globe easily and quickly.
Our platform will
● eliminate the intermediaries,
● cut the unnecessary costs,
● increase the profit of the growers,
● decrease the price of the product for the customers and,
● make the rare herbs more accessible to everyone.
On our Global Rare Herbs Marketplace, users can buy and sell products securely and reliably. Sellers can create their own stores and build their reputation through review points given by customers. Additionally, sellers can also attach pictures and videos to their listings to show the quality of their products. In the meantime, the consumers will enjoy cheaper prices and fresher products with our platform. Along with these, our platform will be designed to protect both parties. Customers� payment will be escrowed in our platform and it will be transferred to the seller once the desired product delivered to the customer. Therefore, it will also add an extra layer of security for the users.
Since the price gap of rare herbs� sales in current supply chain is huge, our platform will mainly focus on rare herb sales, but we also encourage all kinds of produce and herb farmers to market their products on our platform to decrease prices globally.
In order to decrease the costs even more, we are also going to make partnerships with local and global shipping and logistic companies around the world for the sales processed through our platform. Sellers on our platform will be able to ship their products at cheaper rates.

Web Site: http://www.herbalisttoken.com/
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