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光 Guang Game is the first Flower Cards gaming platform based on EOS Blockchain.
You may earn profits while playing the games, and then get dividends from staking.
Invite your friends to join Guang Game, you will also be rewarded with a bonus.
Our first game 光 Guang SicBo will be released soon!

IEO on the exchange:

White paper:

What is Flower Cards?
� Also known as "Hanafuda", "花札", or "화투,� Flower Cards has been a popular card game in Asia for over a century. Its design and decorations closely reflect traditional Japanese culture.
� Guang Game aims to bring this cultural gem into the world of digital card games, and offers a variety of Flower Cards games based on blockchain.

The Necessity of Blockchain Games: Transparency and Fairness
� The current online game industry has a significant flaw: players cannot tell if the game they�re playing is unfairly manipulated, because all the gameplay data are kept in a centralized server. Online games could easily be rigged without the players knowing it.
� The blockchain technology enables games to be transparent by making the data accessible to all players of blockchain games.

TAZ & TAZ Chip
� TAZ is a security type token, and TAZ Chip is a utility token for gameplay.
� Users can earn TAZ while playing the games with TAZ Chip.
� TAZ Chip is not on IEO. Users can purchase TAZ Chip in store when our platform is launched.

We will share 40% of our revenue with our users
� Users can acquire a dividend based on portion TAZ they staked. It will be distributed every 24:00 o'clock.
� 40% of our revenue will be spent as daily dividends in this way.

For more information on our platform, please refer to the white paper.
Go 光! Go TAZ!

Whitepaper: https://tokensale.guang.game/whitepaper/Guang_Game_White_Paper_EN.pdf

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