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The cryptocurrency industry is gradually evolving. As the awareness for digital currency and GAMING Token Offerings increases, STARS has joined the list of cryptocurrency companies that are throwing their weight behind the evolution of the industry.
The company claims to be �gearing towards a decentralized financial abc ecosystem.� The implication is the readiness of the company to contribute its own little quota to the industry�s growth. It makes its contributions through its GTO, tokens, and its readiness to assist potential token owners to see their dream come true.
These features have contributed to STARS uniqueness in the industry and as a trendsetter as well.
STARS Details
The STARS Gaming token offering can be identified with its peculiar information. Below are the GTO details:
�   GTO name: STRS
�   Sale date: The public GTO opens on January 3rd, 2019, and ends on March 2nd, 2019.
�   Symbol: STRS
�   GTO price: The presale price is $1.5
Within the sales period, potential investors can purchase their desired GTO quantity. At the moment, the GTO company accepts payment with some digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Waves, with a promise to introduce more digital coins that can be used for transaction in the future.
This is beyond mere wishful thinking. The company has put forth every effort to live up to each word of its promise. A couple of its features are:

1.   It promotes token creation
Have you been contemplating launching your own token but don�t know how to go about it? If that�s what you are currently going through, MYICOPAD offers everyone the opportunity to launch their own tokens.
Click the �LAUNCH TOKENS� button on the home page to start the process. After clicking the button, you will be required to fill the form below with accurate information:
This is just a section of the form. Scroll down the page to see the entire form and fill it accordingly. That�s the first step towards creating your own token.
Click �SAVE & SUBMIT� after you have filled the form meticulously.
Token information

Some valuable pieces of information about this token are listed below:
�   Total token: 50 million.
�   Soft Cap: $50,000
�   Hard Cap: $100,000
�   Current outstanding tokens: 12%
�   Marketing 1%
�   Casino bank: 52.8%
�   GTO: 13.2%
�   Bounty:1%
�   Management: 20%
�   Currency: Waves
The fund allocation is explicitly explained with the image below:
In addition to these two most important features, MYICOPAD also promises investors:
�   Full control of your ICO dashboard.
�   Huge user database.
�   Token purchases with the appropriate legal agreement.
�   Contract Management System.
�   Listing of multiple ICOs on a single platform.
�   Smart Contract technology.

2.   Game Token Offer (GTO)
A blaze trailer, STARS also presents Game Token Offer to cryptocurrency investors who are also passionate about online gaming. As the first in that niche, this company has rolled out STARS in order to bring the gaming community together by leveraging the best of blockchain technology.
STARS was developed specifically as the digital currency of choice for the online gaming community and online casinos. Through the gamers� community and its casino, STARS has succeeded in creating the right utility for its tokens.
This special token will serve as Co-Block Chain Platform that will form the basis for the creation of Ethereum (ERC-20) and Turtle Network (TN) tokens with a gateway.

This token, ERC-20 STARS, is designed to be used exclusively in poker and casino platforms.

The GTO serves some purposes that will make it a go-to token for online gamers in the near future. Some of its unique features are:
�   Offering Loyalty, Promotion, and VIP bonus for the users
�   A crypto casino that boasts of over 10 different live casino games.
�   STARS merchant account and company bank.
�   Over 40 gambling software providers.
�   Game management system and banner.
�   Online shops with casinos.
�   Mobile version availability.

You can see the first Gaming Token Offering in history on the platform�s official website. It is one of the first gaming tokens that are created on two different blockchain technologies. A gateway was used for connecting the separate technologies to make the dream of a gaming token come true.
You stand to get an impressive bonus if you join the platform early. These are the bonuses:
�   GTO Week-01: 20% bonus.
�   GTO Week-02: 15% bonus.
�   GTO Week-03: 10% bonus.

In addition to the mouthwatering bonuses on offer is the GTO token you can use for online gaming and other features.
Act now before the company is oversaturated. Take full advantage of the opportunity before it is too late to act.



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