[ANN] Giant Sweepstake 5% of Total Supply Giveaway Trading Competition

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Giant Sweepstake 5% of Total Supply Giveaway Trading Competition

Dear Bitcointalk network,

As part of celebrating the New Year decision to offer the OBITS holders the full ownership of the year one blockchain VPLedger supply from start of mainnet of VPLedger.com we offer you all the opportunity to possibly double your supply of OBITS with BTS within a 30 day ongoing trading competition. The competition is set to begin with a snapshot on January 31st, 2020 and end on February 29th, 2020 both days included.

Bottom line is that OBITS can now be considered the official point of entry to VPLedger.com either as way of migrating or as voucher, either way the full supply of OBITS of 14 497 286 is the potential maximum of supply available on VPLedger first year of mainnet.

Total maximum supply possible with the added supply year 2 via daily sales Dutch auction style of 14 497 286 is 28 994 572 VPL. An update on the business proposal to align with this information, instead of a supply of 10 200 000 will take place in coming week.

You may read more about the relation between OBITS and VPLedger on the link: https://vimple.openledger.io

You can go check out the main market with following link https://openledger.io/market/OBITS_BTS

Provided  the interest is there for a competition of daily giveaways and lottery of some 4000-5000 OBITS daily and totally more than 720 000 OBITS, the amount of totally 5% of total supply Will be given away during the event in parts and finally in also as added contribution to your supply in the first days after the competition has finished..

More information and details about the trading criteria, conditions and more related to this 30 Days of ongoing sweepstakes of giveaways I will be back in next coming days with more information.

Keep this topic close to you and wait for the update.

OBITS holders of which I know are lots of BTS holders as well as all who decides to be, have a unique opportunity of using the amount of 1000 OBITS(traded at the moment at 0,02 per unit) only to buy a Lifetime Membership Subscription on VPLedger.com, now offered in fiat as retail price 1000 EUR.

All you need to do to ensure you can be one of the early movers of VPLedger blockchain, is to go create account account on https://testnet.vpledger.com, then send 1000 OBITS to the BitShares network account: vpledger with your testnet account mentioned in memo. Once you have received the equivalent 1000 VPL on your account, it is time to upgrade to lifetime member. Sweet comment is that when mainnet launch you have not only the history of your referrals to follow you on mainnet, you have the 1000 VPL returned to your account as well.

https://vpledger.com – Its BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE WITH VIMPLE

Lifetime Membership Subscription offer ends January 31, 2020 unless we make it run until we reach 3000 Members, still discussing.

� gain lifetime benefits and referral fees with this onetime only subscription
� sign up is FREE
� test this World-Class Innovation for free via console

Buy NOW � save FOREVER!

PS: A governance member seat on VPLedger is now suddenly within reach for the OBITS holders holding 100 000 OBITS or more, as what was intended to cost minimum 100 000 VPL (100 000 EUR retail) is still the case but OBITS and VPL is 1:1, so a 100 000 OBITS or more will do it to have future dividend payout on the VPLedger blockchain as well as being part of executing the various amounts of referendum proposed by the community each having one vote no matter the amount of VPL they hold.

All the best of New Year

The VPLedger/OpenLedger team

Disclaimer! At the time of mainnet, VPLedger require full compliance and therefore KYC to access. Please be advised and decide accordingly. OBITS is the asset to be used for migrating onto the VPLedger blockchain or as a voucher, again to be used to access VPLedger.


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