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Website beta.azfundchain.io
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Built completely on blockchain, FundChain�s decentralized backbone minimizes the risks.
FundChain application is running on blockchain without users having to interact with blockchain directly. Every circle or crowdfunding creates a new and unique smart contract using AZ Token as the fuel. The rules, conditions, and participants are immutably stamped on the blockchain as soon as the contract is created.


Every funding will be accessible to anyone through public Ethereum blockchain.
Every participant will be able to track the status of the circle of the funding transparently with the help of blockchain. The circle organizer will not be able to charge hidden fees to participants and crowdfunded business owners will have to spend the funding transparently.


FundChain will be a mobile software accessible to anyone with a smartphone.
Although FundChain will run on public Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts on the background, end users will not have to be educated about using blockchain thus everyone will be able to use the platform without entry barriers. Users will enjoy the safety and transparency provided by smart contracts without having to deal with learning how to use them.


Native AZ Token will be the fuel of every sub smart contract built on original AZ token smart contract.
Every single circle and funding will run through a unique smart contact. To create this smart contract, or to participate in these smart contracts either by funding or joining circles, will require AZ Token as the fee payment. Again, users won�t have to actually buy AZ Token as fees cut from their payments will automatically buy AZ Tokens from the open market.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/azfundchain
Telegram https://t.me/fundchainAZ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AZ-FundChain-1803348379791112/
Medium: https://medium.com/az-internet-blog

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