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[su_spoiler title=”Show forum topic” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]This coin is a simple Cryptonote fork created to test what would happen if the reward structure for a coin was reversed.  The reward per block has begun at around 0.03 EXPN per block, and will slowly increase until the full coin supply has been created.  As most coins heavily incentivize their early adopters, and fail to reward late-comers, this coin aims to be a happy medium.  Early adopters will benefit from low difficulty before a large amount of hashrate is on the network, and larger block rewards over time should allow newcomers down the line to still obtain a decent chunk of coin – without having to invest in large gpu rigs or ASICs.  The blockchain has been running for a little over an hour at this point, so this is brand new!

If anyone wants to download the Daemon and throw some hashpower at it just for fun, the Binaries will be linked below Cheesy.

Discord if anyone has difficulties setting up or wants to report a bug: https://discord.gg/Gf25wSR

Technical Details:
Name: Exponencoin
Ticker: EXPN
Total Supply: 18,446,744,073,70 EXPN
Block Reward: approx. 0.033554960, increasing over time
Block Time: 60 seconds
Algorithm: Cryptonote/Cryptonight
Premine: None, the test wallet has received rewards for the first 34 blocks (at this time) to verify functionality.
To see how a coin performs when the rewards increase over it's lifetime, rather than decrease.
If there's interest in a pool, I'll try to get one setup soon.
Down the line, I can look into exchange listings as well if the user base grows large enough.
Will be uploading the source to github in a day or two, although it is essentially the code from: https://github.com/forknote/forknote modified to change the emissions curve.
Compiling linux binaries.


Binaries (Windows): https://sourceforge.net/projects/exponencoin/files/Exponencoin.rar/download
How to run:
To launch the daemon, use frun.bat

After you sync to the blockchain, you can create your wallet using swal.bat and following the prompts in Simplewallet.

Create a batch file with the following and paste in the address Simplewallet created, set the threads to whatever you want, and you should be good to go!
 miner.exe –YourAddressHere –daemon-host –daemon-rpc-port 23617 –threads 2 –log-level 3


That should be it, and as this is essentially a concept coin I'm not looking for any kind of donations, there is no dev fee or premine, there will be no ICO.  The only thing I would ask is for people interested in being seed nodes to contact me, as I would love to add more than the current 2.  Happy mining!


Github: https://github.com/forknote/forknote

Discord: https://discord.gg/Gf25wSR

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