[ANN] Euclideum: PoS network delegated staking – sharding – liquidity protocol

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Two years after Vitalik Buterin announced the Serenity project at Devcon in 2018, Ethereum 2.0 remains a project, not a reality. The launch of the new, scalable Proof-of-Stake network has been delayed many times. Numerous testnets � Schlesi, Witti, Atona and now Medalla � are all steps in the right direction, but the goal remains distant. The launch of Phase 0 is now scheduled for December 2020 or January 2021, but it's likely to get delayed once again.

The Euclideum project is a result of the efforts of a group of developers to solve these problems as fast as possible. Waiting for another year or two or more for a more scalable version of Ethereum isn't a practicable solution.
Euclideum is a version of the Ethereum blockchain that features Proof-of-Stake consensus and delegated staking. The name of the cryptocurrency itself is Euclid. Launching a node will require a smaller stake than in Ethereum (30 ECL vs 32 ETH). Users who don't want to bother with a node will be able to delegate their ECL coins to one of their choice and receive a share in the rewards, like with Cosmos or Tezos.


  • 100+tps at launch
  • PoS staking: earn up to 10% with your own node
  • Delegated staking: earn up to 8% without a node
  • Liquidity pools and DEX
  • Sharding coming in 2021
  • Free smart contract audit
  • Airdrop for Ethereum holders: 1 ETH = 3 ECL

1 ETH = 3 ECL
If you are an ETH holder, your can take part in the Euclideum airdrop and get 3 ECL coins for FREE for each ETH coin you have. You can easily claim your ECL on the official Euclideum exchange. For more details, see the Airdrop page.

Referral Program
Invite friends and get 5% of all ECL coins they claim during the airdrop.

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