[ANN] [ETH] EtherStake: A New Lottery Game | No MetaMask needed, Play on Twitch!

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March 16, 2019
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[ANN] [ETH] EtherStake: A New Lottery Game | No MetaMask needed, Play on Twitch!

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How to Play Etherstake

Buy a stake, half the ETH goes to the current Stakeholders as dividends, the other half increases the jackpot. The last person to buy a stake when the timer runs out wins the jackpot! Buying a stake increases the timer (up to 24 hours). There is a multiplier that increases your stake purchases that goes down over time.

How do you manage your dividends without MetaMask?

To get around this, we've implemented a clever trick.

Send ETH to the contract to buy a stake and become the leader (last stake buyer who will win the jackpot when the timer runs out). If someone buys a stake after, you will earn dividends. Play for passive income or for the jackpot, it's win-win!

To spend them, send a 0.01 ETH fee to either the Withdrawal contract to cash out your dividends for ether, or to the Reinvestment contract to use them to buy a bigger stake and get more dividends in the future.

Check the round stats, or your earned dividends on https://etherstake.me or in Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/etherstake by typing a command in chat.

Have MetaMask? Even better! Manage your dividends on https://etherstake.me and add a name and message for free!


Buy a stake to become the lead address instantly.

Half the ETH goes to the jackpot, the other half goes to current stakeholders proportional to their percent ownership.

Every 0.01 ETH stake purchase adds 1000 seconds (2.78 hours) to the timer, up to a cap of 24 hours.

When the timer goes to zero, the jackpot is automatically sent to the lead address (last person to buy a stake), and a new round is started. 10% of the jackpot is used to seed the next round, this is already precalculated in the jackpot, so the winner always gets the amount shown.

Your dividends can be reinvested or withdrawn at any time, for the current or future rounds.

You can add a name and message that is displayed when you are leading for free.

100% of the ETH is distributed to the players, the only fees are 0.01 ETH to withdraw or reinvest directly (does not apply to MetaMask users)

Sending 0.01 ETH to the withdrawal or reinvestment contracts will withdraw or reinvest ALL your dividends. When reinvesting, you will also become the lead address again.

The Stake Multiplier increases your stake purchases, and goes down 0.01% every day to a lower cap of 100%. This rewards early investors.

It takes up to 24 hours to for your stake to start to earn dividends, the same time the multiplier decreases.


 To buy a stake, send 0.01 ETH or more to this address

 To withdraw your dividends, send a 0.01 ETH fee to this address

 To reinvest  your dividends, send a 0.01 ETH fee to this address


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