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Website www.encores.io
Registrar domain 1API GmbH
Domain reg 2018-11-15
Domain exp 2019-11-15
Nameservers ns1.cybercastco.com

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Internet advertising is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of our time.
The Encores Browser makes it possible for the first time in history to advertise on every single website in the world!

You can receive Encores Token for your everyday surfing.

It is also possible to benefit from the success of the whole Encores ecosystem with our ETH Reward distributions for every single Encores Token.

Our Homepage: www.encores.io



We think it's time to change something about the way Internet surfing works.
We know search engines and social media platforms make billions of Dollars with the data of their users and online advertising.
But they keep all their profits and don't share anything with the users and that's not fair.

That's why we changed the way the Internet surfing works by letting our users benefit from using the new Encores Browser.


It is generally known that on social media platforms and search engines it is only possible to place advertisements on their respective domain.

With the Encores Browser it is possible for the first time in history to place ads on any single website in the world. The Encores Browser has an unlimited potential for users and advertisers.

The Encores Browser reads the keywords on the websites you are surfing and shows you advertising that is matching with the content of the website you are currently surfing on.

But that's not all! As a user you don't just receive Encores Tokens for surfing,

you also get ETH rewards credited to your wallet for every Encores Token you own!

So in the future you will decide either if you want to surf normal on the Internet with your old browser or to benefit while you are surfing with the new Encores Browser.


The Encores Reward Token is the first Reward Token in the world.

With the Encores Reward Token you can benefit from the success of the whole Encores ecosystem including the
Encore Browser, Atm network, every Reward Token from our Reward Token license platform and much more.

One of the biggest advantages of our Reward Token is that you can get Token for doing tasks like Internet surfing,
recommending friends or subscribing a newsletter and much more.

This makes our Reward Token also usable for people who don�t have a bank account because
they don't need to buy the Token they can also receive their rewards by doing tasks.

Note: You can also purchase some advertisements in the Encores Browser with the Encores Token for a fixed Euro price (minimum 5� / Encores Token or more)


Receive Ethereum rewards in your wallet

1. Install the Encores Browser
2. Get Encores for your everyday surfing
3. Receive Ethereum rewards in your Wallet

Here is an example for the Ethereum Rewards:

You have 10.000 Encores Token
Encores provides 25.000 ETH for the Reward distribution and there are 50.000.000 Encores Token already distributed.
In this case you will receive 0.0005 ETH / Encores Token
So you can withdraw 5 Ethereum to your wallet



Twitter: https://twitter.com/EncoresToken

Telegram https://t.me/encoresofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encorestoken/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EncoresToken/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hMh78OOhvNHgZvxQMdz9A
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