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Ember sword is a Browser-based and Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) set in the player-driven fantasy
universe of Ganymede, with digital collectible cosmetics and a blockchain-enhanced economy that prevents Pay-to-Win.

Led by an experienced team of game developers (previous projects include games like Guild Wars, Aquanox, Kaos Wars, Blitzkrieg, TankWars, and
middleware developer Devdog, with over 100k gamedev customers), Ember Sword is poised to revolutionize not only the way free to play MMORPGs are monetized,
but also the gameplay experiences players are offered, and the ways artists are rewarded for creating user-generated fan art.

Players spend $50b on digital items in video games every year, but because trading these items is made illegal by game developers, billion-dollar
black markets for trading of rare game items have spawned, with some items selling for tens of thousands of dollars each.

Ember Sword facilitates an open token-based economy for collectible cosmetic items and land ownership, while keeping normal in-game items off-chain to prevent pay-to-win.
Tokens on the platform are used to acquire land, trade rare digital collectible cosmetics items between players, and to pay for in-game purchases.

Ultimately, Ember Sword is not just a game, it�s a community, a world, and an economy – run by you!

Ember Sword Teaser Trailer

Why we�re making Ember Sword

With Ember Sword, we�re building the next generation Free to Play MMORPG player experience � a re-thinking of what an MMORPG is and can be.

To us, blockchain represents the opportunity to forge an alternative path for massively multiplayer online games, moving away from predatory monetization and loot box gambling, towards a future where players have a permanent stake in their game world.

We believe that through tokenized ownership of items, it�s possible to create a fair and thriving no-pay-to-win gameplay environment where players have ownership and control and can securely trade cosmetics via a peer-to-peer marketplace, while still allowing game developers to monetize.

We believe in empowering artists to monetize their work, we believe in true ownership over digital items, and we believe in a persistent decentralized digital universe built by the players, with ultimate freedom and no borders.

And above all, we know that a great MMORPG starts with an excited community finally in control! We couldn�t be more excited for the future, and we hope you�ll join us on this journey!

Read more in our �Why we are building Ember Sword!� blog.

See more of the team at SoCouch.com!

Community FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a modern MMORPG powered by the Ethereum blockchain, built by So Couch Studios Players acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay, which they can trade & sell for PIXEL, and those who become Landowners permanently own part of the Ember Sword world. Landowners continuously evolve the world by placing resources like ores and wood used for crafting, monsters, NPCs etc, (which every player can access) and can even turn a profit by creating services, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy cosmetics from others, in-game subscriptions, and more.

How is Ember Sword different from other MMORPGs?

Ember Sword brings artists, players, and builders together to create a vast, persistent, MMORPG universe where the community permanently own and decide the fate of the world and the experiences within.
It's a living, breathing world where landowners build and evolve the universe and monetize their own plots of land, where players are free to do whatever they want whenever they want and truly own their own cosmetic items, and where artists can monetize their own creations by making epic emotes, animations, skins and more.

Ultimately, Ember Sword is more than just a game, it�s a community, a world, an economy.

How will So Couch Studios monetize Ember Sword?

To ensure a viable business, we monetize Ember Sword through selling an optional premium subscription to players, which unlocks non-pay2win convenience features in-game. Additionally, we earn a small fee on transactions of LAND and Crypto Collectibles on the Ember Sword Marketplace.

Large and institutional buyers can get access to the complete and confidential Ember Sword Business Plan, which includes additional insights into the monetization, by contacting Sune at [email protected]

What is the purpose of the PIXEL Token?

The PIXEL Token is the ERC-20 token that powers the entire Ember Sword economy. Apart from being used to initially acquire LAND during the Ember Sword LAND Auction, players will need PIXEL to buy on-chain items, such as crypto collectible cosmetics and LAND from other players, and to complete other in-game purchases, such as buying a monthly premium membership. Additionally, PIXEL is also used to compensate creators through the Artist Workshop, and even useable as payment on some 3rd party websites.

What is different about the PIXEL Token Sale?‍

We have substance and a solid product that people will want to engage with backing the PIXEL economy. The Ember Sword game has already been prototyped, and the MMO genre have hundreds of millions of players worldwide, powering a $26 billion sub-genre of the games industry.

Will there be a private pre-sale?

Yes, the private pre-sale is just about to start, during which 15% of the total PIXEL Token supply will be sold. During the private pre-sale, PIXEL Tokens can be acquired for up to a 30% discount. If you want to participate, e-mail [email protected]

How much are we selling and why?‍

The private pre-sale has a $500k soft-cap and the public token sale a $4m soft-cap, with a $9.5m hard cap. Game development is expensive, and the money raised will be used to hire a bigger core team to develop and market the Ember Sword game and platform, creating a powerful economy for PIXEL, Crypto Collectible Cards and LAND.

What do we want to accomplish with the distribution model?‍

Distributing PIXEL Tokens through a public token Crowdsale ensures that PIXELS get into the hands of as many players as possible, which will create a much more stable token and economy. That�s why we�re selling the majority of the Tokens to the public.

Where can I buy PIXEL Tokens?

You can only purchase PIXEL Tokens on the EmberSword.com website during the Crowdsale event in Q2, 2019, and during the private pre-sale by reaching out to [email protected]. Stay safe and don�t believe anyone telling you that you can acquire PIXEL elsewhere!

After the Crowdsale
, PIXEL will be tradeable on exchanges.

What currency do you accept during the Public Crowdsale?

We accept ETH as a form of payment during the Public Token Crowdsale for PIXEL.

Can I buy PIXEL using a VISA, MASTERCARD or other credit / debit card?

Payments must be made in ETH, and we do not accept any payment cards. Institutional and larger buyers (minimum $10,000) should contact us at [email protected]

What is the total PIXEL Token supply?‍

The PIXEL Token initial supply is 750,000,000 (750 million), read the whitepaper for further details.

Will there be an individual cap on the Public Crowdsale?

The Public Crowdsale will be first come first serve, with an incentivize structure that makes it cheaper to buy PIXEL Tokens during the first days of the Crowdsale.

What is our experience in the game industry?‍

The founders of So Couch Studios have a combined 40 years of industry experience working on indie games and commercial/AAA games such as Guild Wars, Aquanox, Kaos Wars, Blitzkrieg, and more. Our entire team is hand-picked from the games industry and cryptocurrency communities providing a unparalleled, trustworthy, and skillful international developer team.

Why use the blockchain for an MMORPG?

To bring control back to the players.

We firmly believe players should be allowed to do what they want with the items they�ve fought long and hard to acquire, and that they should be in charge of defining the game world as active participants. The traditional free to play MMORPG premium shops are also needlessly centralized systems where the developers make all the money from selling cosmetic items to players, whereas with Ember Sword, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain distributes non-fungible, scarce, cosmetics to players when they complete PVP and PVE objectives, allowing players to freely trade, buy and sell these cosmetics to and from each other instead of buying them from the game developer.

These are just some of the many ways the blockchain enriches the gameplay experiences in Ember Sword..

When will I be able to buy LAND?

During our Ember Sword Land Auction, which is scheduled for Q3, 2019. Everyone who owns PIXEL will be able to participate in the auction. Afterwards, LAND can be bought from other users..

What if all LAND is sold out, will there be more to buy?

If all LAND has been sold, you can acquire it from other users..

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