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DynX Developers fund initiative.

We are a project 100% community oriented and committed to give back to our community. With this in mind, we are starting our Developer fund initiative.
Click here to check our project main thread and ask us anything!

This initiative aims to support projects listed in DynX that are self-funded, rely on donations to keep the development, have an engaged community and a proven track record of active development.

What is the developer fund initiative?

  • DynX commits to donate a percentage of the market fees of the asset in question to the development team of the approved projects.

How much will be donated?

  • The more we earn with the market fees of the project, the more the developer team will get donated.

The structure will consist in 3 levels:

Note: All values in USD based in CoinMarketCap asset value on the last day of each month

Example: If the asset DYNEX.XPTO generated 5M USD trading Volume in June, they will receive a donation XPTO valued in 500USD


  • Donation level and amount will be calculated using the stats from a BitShares block explorer at the end of each month and sent to the developer team right after.
  • We will sum the monthly volume off all the active markets of the asset and calculate the donation from there.
  • The txid and the donation amount will be shared with the community via our Blog and social media.
  • The donation will be made in the asset in question.

With this project success we are creating a win-win-win situation for all the community:

Partner project team:

  • Will be able to receive more donations and keep developing the project.


  • Will have a place where their trading activities will directly support the project.


  • Will be able to grow the community and volume of the DEX.

How can a project apply for this initiative?

  • Any person can apply a project for this initiative. Remember, this is a community based initiative. So, even if you�re not part of the team, you can start the process.

Contact our support team using any of the available methods to start the process.

The project i want to add is not listed in DynX. Can we apply?

  • Yes. If the project is not on DynX, we can evaluate the Listing and the approval on the Developer fund initiative

Factors considered to be approved:


  • Altcoins without premine will be favored. If you project has a premine, you need to show us that the funds were put to good use.

ICO/IEO or similar:

  • This type of projects are not allowed. They will be automatically rejected.

Donations based

  • Projects that have a track record of how they spend their donations will be preferred.


  • We will check the community feedback, engagement & growth. This will give us a good insight about the developer team commitment.


  • To have an active github is a great indicator that the project is being developed and that the funds delivered will be put to good use


  • After checking all the topics above, we will decide if the project is fit to be a part of the developer fund initiative.
  • Our decision is final.

Community feedback:

  • If you have any feedback to share about this initiative, feel free to contact us on the usual spots:

Let�s grow together?

DynX – The decentralised trading experience.

DynX reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of this initiative at any give time.
By applying to this initiative, you are automatically accepting this terms and conditions.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dynxofficial

Telegram https://t.me/dynxgroup

Discord: https://discord.gg/K4vkkx3

Steemit: https://steemit.com/bitshares/@dynx/dynx-developers-fund-initiative

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