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Good day! I want to present to you a project DreamPot.io. (DP-coins)

What is Dream Pot?

Dream Pot is a decentralized online lottery based on blockchain technology. The whole process is controlled by a smart contract without human factor.

The lottery is open, and its fairness is ensured by the Ethereum network itself. The total prize Fund can reach $ 1 000 000 000, which can be the largest prize in the history of lotteries.

How does Dream Pot work? Why is it safe for users?

The main mechanism of the lottery is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology and using a smart contract to collect and distribute funds. The numbers of the winning tickets are randomly. Correct randomization is authorized by Oraclize technology.

The Oraclize system has random number generation for the gambling architecture, which allows smart contracts to get a random number from trustedsource, without having to rely on the data carrier.

This model of winning numbers offers higher mathematically binding guarantees of fairness through open (and third-party verifiable) evidence of authenticity. The solution developed by Oraclize shows that the data obtained from the source data is genuine and untampered. This is achieved by accompanying the returned data with a document called proof of authenticity.

Thus, dreampot.io generation of numbers is based on a unique and autonomous formula that is proven impossible to be manipulated. Mechanisms built into smart contracts exclude the possibility of their being influenced by the lottery managers. Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked.

Why do we recommend our project and why should you join us?

The whole point of the project Dream Pot is that each user in any case will be in the black. Are you unlucky in the lottery? But you bought our DP coin, which will surely pay off 10, 100, or even 1000 times. No need to think, need to do right now. Everything is clean and transparent, we wish you success!

But the key advantage of our project is a professional team that has been engaged in projects in the blockchain for a long time and knows all the subtleties of advertising. Therefore, the advertising company will be global!

Project start: 18/02/19
Official website: https://DreamPot.io
Telegram chat: @dreampotchat
Telegram news: @dreampot
Smart-contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x1037661ccd351adcc70d5dbba486acb856426c52
Github project open source: https://github.com/dreampot-team/MainLottery

Github: https://github.com/dreampot-team/MainLottery

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