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Diskcoin: More Energy-saving Bitcoin

What is Diskcoin?
Diskcoin: An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system, uses the Conditioned Proof Of Capacity ( CPoC ) consensus algorithm to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower the entry barriers in the process of crypto currency production, which is more decentralized, without affecting security.

Energy saving and environmental friendly CPOC
Thanks to the Conditioned Proof Of Capacity (CPoC) consensus algorithm , Diskcoin is hundreds of times more energy efficient than most cryptocurrencies.

More decentralized
Diskcoin uses Conditioned Proof Of Capacity (CPoC) consensus algorithm,so Diskcoin is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs. And Hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. Miners could use free space on their hard drives to mine Diskcoin.

The Dynamic Equilibrium Staking
Miners need Staking the corresponding Diskcoins to get the most benefit. And the proportion of coins that need Staking is not simply fixed or decrease progressively. Instead, an algorithm named DES( the Dynamic Equilibrium Staking ) algorithm is used to adjust the staking percentage according to the difficulty of mining.

Vision and Mission
In Diskcoin, we take pride in the fact that we strongly believe in energy-saving, decentralization and innovation and that we favor long-term strategies over short-term greed. Diskcoin has No ICO / IPO, No premine, No airdrops. And our vision is to lower the barriers to entry cryptocurrency and bring it into the lives of people.

Parameter of Diskcoin
Total supply: 21,000,000
Block time: 4 mins
Block size: 8 MB
Initial block reward: 20 DISC
Halving cycle: Every 4 years

What is Conditioned Proof of Capacity?
The CPoC ecosystem model includes mining pool, miner, crypto currency holder, wallet, exchanges and hardware vendor. The positive inner cycle and entrance of outside resources would bring expansion and development to this ecosystem, the rising price of Diskcoin would attract more miners; more miners coming to the system will lead to further price increase.

Advtantages of CPoC
The CPoC system, could give miners the choice to have most of the profits, incur cost for them to be the holder of other PoC coins, and avoid any malicious act. At the same time,the CPoC system attaches great importance to the release of distributional right and packaging right without barrier, which brings equity to the system.

The tesnet will be online in mid-June Cheesy
The mainnet will be online in mid-July Wink
Welcome to the mine Cheesy

2L: Community and Resource Links
3L: Mining tutorial

Github: https://github.com/diskcoin-apps-team/

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