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�  🏆 Digital Fantasy Sports 🏆

Universal Premium DFS platform on the blockchain network.
Our ERC20 token enables you to play unique games, allowing you to cash out your winnings on exchange networks.
All in one token for eSports, Prediction games, Online casino, Magazine, Crypto exchange, Staking rewards and much more


DFS Token presents you the opportunity to earn 10% weekly Interest. The rules are simple :- stake minimum 10000 DFS at https://www.dfscampaign.com/
All you have to do is create an account and deposit your DFS. Interest is credited every saturday. The interest amount can be added/withdrawn to the stake amount and earn compunding interest in coming week.
Check following tweet for more details :-
https://twitter.com/dfstoken/status/1097248778103345152 .
Join discord or telegram for any clarification.

Winner of NBC the Choice Award

$DFS co-founder Jeremy has taken home the GOLD on @NBC�s #TheChoice 🥇🏆 The results are in & the 4 month competition has ended Defeating 1000s – Jeremy will bring his $DFS knowledge to the table as a panelist on the televised show #GoingRoggin 🎙

DFSPlaybyPlay.com  💫 by @DFSTOKEN 🏆

The 1ST #Cryptocurrency #FantasySports online publication that gives you all the info you need to dominate any league worldwide 🌏🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🏒⛳️🏏 Soon to be released- $DFS Tipping💰. Original Content & Live Streams 🎥 @dfsPlayByPlay

DFS Native Exchange🏆
DFS is building their own crypto exchange that is in final stage. Expected to be launched soon
DFS features its own network of games across multiple professional sports, allowing users to compete and win using their tokens.
DFS is the first ever ethereum blockchain arcade based gaming token to be playable and easily exchangeable within the fantasy sports world.  
DFS Token's platform will host – NFL, MLB/NPB, NBA, MLS, FIFA, NHL, PGA, UFC/Boxing, Tennis, & NASCAR.  One platform for all of these sports.



Instead of cashing out your winning tokens at a traditional arcade prize counter, the Ethereum exchange becomes your destination to claim your winnings.
This method of re-distribution encourages token circulation as well as a way to encourage new players to join the Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) universe.
Tokens purchased can then be used online in any game within our digital fantasy sport universe. Fiat currencies are not accepted when playing on this platform.  
The winner of such fantasy game will receive (DFS) which can then be redeemable for ETH/ other ERC 20 tokens available on the exchange networks.
Instead of the traditional 10% collection from big names fantasy sites. 3% of tokens from the total pot winnings will go to the house for computing and sign up bonuses for new users.



The goal is to establish a universal premium DFS platform that features 9 fantasy games across 9 professional sports.
Currently Draft Kings and Fan Duel own 90% of the market on the fiat side but no one has attempted to control the crypto market.
Our ERC20 token (first of its kind) enables you to play unique games, allowing you to cash out your winnings on exchange networks.
This encourages token circulation as well as stimulates the ETH ecosystem.

DFS (DFS) already has a MLB game completed that has been featured in The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/04/13/dream-teams
In addition, we have plenty more games in development and aim to have a NBA game ready to go in January 2018.

The first game and rules have been released.
A fantasy baseball game where your batting order determines your fantasy score. One of a kind style of playing.

We will be release more games and rules as we finalize development and guidelines. 🏆


For more information please read our white paper here: https://dfstoken.com/DFSwhitepaper.pdf

Official Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dfstoken/status/1097248778103345152

Telegram https://t.me/DFSCampaign

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/EQVZXZU

Whitepaper: https://dfstoken.com/DFSwhitepaper.pdf

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