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World�s First Mobile Data Exchange DENT Seeks to Disrupt Telco Market with Blockchain

We are pleased to introduce DENT, the token that will power the DENT Mobile Exchange.

DENT will be available through a crowd sale open to the community.

The crowdsale will start on July 12th 2017 15:00 GMT

It will end on July 26th 2017 15:00 GMT

DENT Wireless Limited has announced its intent to disrupt the world�s telco market by creating the first Mobile Data Exchange. DENT plans to liberate mobile data by enabling anyone to buy, sell and donate data through the Ethereum blockchain using a new universal currency for data markets, the DENT Token.

Mobile data is becoming one of the most important commodities for the people. At DENT we want to enable anyone with unused mobile data to trade it through a secure decentralized exchange in return for cryptocurrency tokens. The over-the-top DENT Exchange will enable users to connect to one another in peer to peer fashion across a blockchain-based trading platform to buy, sell and even donate their unused mobile data allowances.



Mobile Data Liberation – DENT aims to turn unused $4.8 Billion USD per month into usage!

DENT exchange will give mobile data consumers a direct way to take action agains the way telcos price their data, through the bidding process on the exchange. Gathering such a large group of telco customers together under the DENT banner will give them a voice with which to put pressure on companies and demand better standards for the consumer.

   �   Video :

DENT leverages Ethereum blockchain technologies to build a decentralized marketplace for mobile data. The security and accountability of blockchain make it possible to create a peer-to-peer global network that anyone can join from anywhere. The DENT exchange will introduce a new equitable future that reduces waste and introduces a Data Sharing Economy.


DENT is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and specialists, including DOVECOT Co-Founder Mikko Linnam�ki

    �   Tero Katajainen (Founder and CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced software architect who founded the predecessor company of DENT Wireless in 2014 to  
        create a trading platform for FOREX (foreign currency exchange trading) with AI components for the behavioral analysis of markets.

    �   Mikko Linnam�ki, (Co-Founder) is also Co-Founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind the Open-  
        Source IMAP Server DOVECOT which has an install base of over 4 million servers and a 72% global IMAP server market share. source:

    �   Andee Vollmer (Co-Founder) is the Mobile specialist in the team with 12 years experience on Mobile Apps, starting with Symbian in 2005 and today on iOS and Android

    �   Michael Wirth (Director of Payment Systems and GM UK & Ireland) has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects, amongst others he was Director of
        Products and Services at eNett  International, a Travelport company and leading specialist for payment solutions in the travel industry."

    �   Ville Sundell (Smart Contract Specialist), who has pioneered smart contract based legal entities, being the first to create companies solely on the Ethereum blockchain
        without any human intervention through Etherprises LLC.  

    �   Dr. Rainer Deutschmann (Advisor) brings in 20 years of telco and tech senior executive experience in companies like McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance. Most
        recently, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Rainer with his fellow leadership team launched Reliance Jio and acquired 100 million customers within six months. Jio disrupts the
        telco landscape to democratize mobile broadband for the 1.3 billion people in India.


The crowdsale will start on July 12 2017 15:00 GMT. It will end on July 26 2017 15:00 GMT.

   �   Price of DENT without bonus: 400,000 DENT / 1 ETH
   �   Bonus: 10% bonus tokens for the first 14 Billion DENT issued / 5% bonus for next 7 Billion DENT issued
   �   Minimum objective: 15,000 ETH
   �   Maximum amount issued through the crowdsale: 70,000,000,000 DENT
   �   Max DENT total supply: 100,000,000,000 DENT


Bitcoin Talk Bounty Campaign:

Take part in our bounty campaign HERE and start earning DENT tokens today. If you�re a Bitcoin Talk Junior Member (or above), you can participate in our signature campaign.


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