[ANN] DeFiGEM: a futuristic DeFi ecosystem hosting a series of DeFi protocols

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DGEM presale is now open for a limited time
Uniswap listing right after presale ( expected 5 November)
Probit/MXC listing on 5-6 November (expected)

DeFiGem, is a futuristic DeFi ecosystem hosting a series of DeFi protocols within the ecosystem. We aim to build several platforms including lending and borrowing crypto assets, decentralized automated market marking (AMM), and NFT creation service on the ethereum blockchain. DeFiGem enables users to lend and borrow crypto assets in a decentralized environment. Users can earn interest on the deposit and borrow synthetic assets. We have a plan to support USDT, DAI, ETH, BTC, and most other well-established blockchain tokens.
DGEM – erc-20 token with 210.000 max supply (token contract)
GGEM – Governance token for DefiGem ecosystem, 2.100 max supply
GGEM is the governance token of DeFiGEM ecosystem. GGEM can only be accrued by holding DGEM and get this juicy rewards.
The governance token GGEM can only be acquired by holding DGEM.
GGEM distribution date has been announced.
First snapshot will be taken on October 30.


DeFiGem Primary Features
Yield Farming
Lend and borrow crypto asset
DeFi Incubator
Earn interest on the deposit and borrow
Staking rewards (20% APR, 12 months)
NFT minting service
GGEM governance token reward for holding DGEM token.

Token Specification
Token Name: DeFiGem
Token Ticker: DGEM
Total Supply: 210,000 DGEM
Available for Presale: 70% of the total supply
Uniswap liquidity: 70% (Fund raised)
Uniswap Listing Price: 1 ETH = 60 DGEM
Token allocation
DGEM token max supply is 210,000.
71.42% presale (150,000)
14.29% marketing, future marketing, bounty (30,000)
14.29% staking reward (30,000)
0% for team members, but team members can purchase a token in presale individually which shall disclose transparently.

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Disclaimer: I'm the bounty manager and not a team member. I manage to posting on Bitcointalk forum as well as the bounty program. Any question regarding the project should ask directly in the email or in their telegram.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/defigem_

Telegram https://t.me/defigem1

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