[ANN] (DEC777) What are Dec777 decentralized margin exchange features?

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What are Dec777 decentralized margin exchange features?

       What are Dec777 decentralized margin exchange features?
<>DEC777 is a decentralized, unsupervised margin and futures exchange, with a cross-platform ecosystem developed on top of the ERC777 platform.

<>ERC777 is an improvement from ERC20, compatible with decentralized financial transactions.

<>DEC 777 decentralized margin exchange feature.

<>DEC777 exchange, which supports over 20 top crypto trading pairs on coinmarketcap and supports all community-recommended DeFi trading pairs
<>Leverage for margin trading: x5 x10; x25
<>Leverage for futures trading: x5; x10; x25; x50; x100

<>Decentralized exchange roadmap will launch in early November. Ready to welcome users.

<>The new blockchain will testnet in early 2021, sooner than the roadmap information.

<>Unlimited Order Books: DEC777 exchange saves you time (Saving Time) by allowing you to place unlimited buy / sell orders.
<>Distributed database: The database is using hashes and distributed functions that keep DEC777 protected from all network attacks, including Ddos attacks. And DEC777 is not under the control of any other agency or organization and is strictly confidential for users.

<>Free market trade: Buying and selling between buyers and sellers is free and very transparent. No automated trading bots, no exchange platform intervention to keep the market's mechanics going natural. That is a typical feature of DEC777.

<>Dec Wallet features swaps, Pools and Staking :
    – Exchange and swap between BTC, ETH, BCH, XLM, … and many new blockchain chains. Fully integrated in our unattended wallet, users can exchange assets on-chain while maintaining full control over their private keys.
Free pools add value to blockchain platforms.

<>DEC Stablecoin: In the DEC777 development roadmap, DUSDT stablecoin will be launched, anchored directly to the currency basket of major crypto pairs, bringing stability to users' assets, avoiding exchange rate fluctuations. The exchange rate market fluctuates strongly.

 * SMARTCONTRACT * https://etherscan.io/address/0x4b21fe3dcbfba42a1e52dc2f2ad332e177f7e1b1#code


<> DEC777 platform
<> Margin trading
<> Futures contract
<> DEC777 lending P2P
<> DEC777 wallet
<> Stacking
<> Blockchain Foundation DCF Launchpad

DEC777 has a very good value hold policy for its cryptocurrencies. All DEC777 token holders are compensated as shareholders of the ecosystem.

How do I get Benefits from the Decentralized Margin Exchange DEC777?


Referral will receive commissions from:

1). Get 5% referral commissions directly from those who buy ICO tokens paid for in ETH)
2). Get 10% commission (*) of transaction fees paid with the DEC777 token
*  What is a 10% commissions transaction fee?
Ex : A direct affiliate registrant generates a transaction volume of $10,000
Transaction fee is 0.2% : 10,000 x 0,2% = $ 20
 Person A introduces person B directly: 10% x20 $ = 2 $ (receive 2$ commission)
Instructions to get link reference
 <>Step 1: Login to your wallet (metamask, imtoken, coinbase …)
 <>Step 2: Next, go to decentralized web browser, visit: https://dcf.dec777.com/
 <>Step 3: Follow the instructions and fill in custom information
 note :
<> Your wallet address is DEC777 decentralized exchange account.
<>Smartcontract will directly distribute commissions and profits to your wallet address
  –   Example: Reference Link "https://dcf.dec777.com/buy-tokens/wallet addressERC"

<>Earned profits will be distributed up to 70% to DEC777 token holders, the remaining 30% will be used to pay fees that may arise in the future.

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