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CyberGens is investment fund based on blockchain technology with real assets with 11-23% passive yearly income. Our investment fund provides an opportunity for everyone to receive a passive income easily and simply. We are investing to the most potential property only and getting the highest capital appreciation, turning investors�s capital in a new high-performance investment machine.

Our equity tokens based on real estates and business projects, and represent 100% shares in each investment object. Token holders entitled to an investment object�s profit and a right to vote on its future on the basis of Proof of Stake (PoS).

Our investors own tokens of each investment object, anonymously buy and sell tokens on Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Would you like to become a successful investor and get a stable income free from taxes?
Visit https://cybergens.com to find out all the details.

CyberGens Bounty Campaign

Total Bounty Pool $150.000
You can find details and conditions on our website: https://cybergens.com/ru/bounty-program-ru/

Total Additional Prize Pool $ 25.000
Upon the end of the campaign, you will get a chance to win additional tokens.

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