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Cryptotraders APP – BETA 0.1 [08.03.2019]

What is the Cryptotraders App?
There is a stereotype, often repeated, that the education and teaching don�t need to be intrinsically bound. Well, we, the company Cryptotraders App, disagree tightly.
We believe that the dynamic and flowing learning evoke the people to have a bigger pleasure for what they�re learning, making the process of transmission and apprehension of knowledge more pleasurable and effective. So, we created our own App.
Our philosophy that the knowledge don�t need to be just accessible, but funny as well, was perfectly placed on the app that we develop. So, without further ado, let�s go.
The principal target of the app is teach the people about trading. The system is based in the experience of your character (you can personalize by your style) by means of your participation on the app. This participation involves communication at the forum, posts about new tendencies in the currency market, creation of educational articles about trading, among others. With all of these, you character will jump of level.
The level, in its turn, determines the session of the learning room where you have access to courses according to the level of your character on the app. Summing up, the more participation the individual has in the app, more your level will jump and, consequently, more complete and technique will become the courses that have on target your capacitation. So, you can fly better in the bigger cryptocurrency market.
Not less important, the app will also have a ranking that indicates the members who involved better by means of the variated actions already listed above, and the ones that had better positions, will gain mensal awards.
Now, answer us plainly: How couldn�t be interested in an educational platform that, at the same time, takes it to account the knowledge by means of fun, interaction between the members (where there is a process of transmission and apprehension of daily knowledge) and rewards large content producers?
The goal of Cryptotraders App is provide you the tools you need to be a great trader. We want to train you for your emancipation.  We believe so much in the potential of our program that we draw a structure to foment the learning and also reward you, valuing your interest and dedication that will generate two things: The first, and more important, is the knowledge, because you will become an extremely skilled trader. The second is that you can see it like an incentive to look even more the first one and the awards - acknowledgment for your ceaseless pursuit of perfection.
The Cryptotraders App team believes in the project, because, above all, we believe in the people and in your capacity to mold your own reality, and, for it, we created the app: a pleasurable process of knowledge that want that every investor of Cryptotraders App become the protagonist of success of your own history.

ANN official Cryptotraders APP.

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Update [08.03.2019]

first contact to the public at bitcointalk, beta phase.


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