[ANN] Crypto Hunter Augmented Reality Game Soft Release Set

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THe team at SWYFT Official is pleased to announce that the soft release of the Crypto Hunter Augmented reality will occur on June 3rd on the Apple App Store for all compatible iOS devices. This milestone marks a huge achievement for the project team, with 20 coins available in the game including: LUX, GIN, XSN, MIDAS, Phore, XDNA, FROST, and CDZC. We also include non-masternode coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC in the game play!

As you can see, the Swyft team has targeted top-quality Masternode projects, and has already achieved a high level of success, and coins not listed in the game can contact the project team via the Discord for additional information and requirements for listing.

What is the Crypto Hunter Game? 
Developed by Swyft (SATC coin), Crypto Hunter is here to deliver a fun educational experience in helping users with masternode set ups, tools, and sharing community apps/videos all through its gameplay while also connecting businesses to the touch point of everyday users through the Apple Store and Google Play.

The fun part is in gameplay, collecting denomination value of each coin in AR game play much like Pokemon Go, but also being able to learn about the coin and project you are collecting and the ROI it provides through a https://masternodes.online/ API integration. Crypto Hunter aims to not only enhance current community footfall, but track and help grow each coin and community listed within its gameplay.

Crypto Hunter provides a safe environment that allows users the ability to find and collect Digital Assets in Augmented Reality. Each coin appearing in Crypto Hunter has been individually enhanced in vector-crisp 3D for maximum stimulation and enjoyment. User have the ability to be able to Withdraw Digital Assets to a local wallet through the setting option.

How Does the Game Work?
The concept of the game is to turn Players into Investors by Educating them on the masternode world, tools needed and where to get started.
This is done by way of pop on in game play Videos and Advertisements.
These Educational cards will cover off but not limited to:
� Differences between Masternodes & Hardware Mining
� Local Wallet Setup
� VPS Setup
� Dedicated Hosting Platforms (I.E https://host.swyft.network/) 1 Click setup
� Exchanges
� Useful Community Engagement Tools (Telegram, Discord)
� Download Links (Github)
� Due diligence checking before Investing

How to Play Crypto Hunter?
1) App Users download the Crypto Hunter App for FREE
2) Set-up your account (Username � Email and Password Required only
3) On Login � Crypto Hunter will drop Digital Treasures within a 3mile radius of your location
4) Travel towards the treasure you find and stand within 10 metres from them
5) Press AR Mode in the Crypto Hunter App and point your camera to the treasure, then tap to collect
6) Enter Address in Settings and Withdraw from the Menu option (1 Click)

This could change the face of the Alt coin Market and add to the growth rate of projects that are pursuing large developments and want a larger or untapped Audience.

Crypto Hunter Game is On Preview Video



Website: (App Store Link will be live when released)

Bitcoin Talk SWYFT Project ANN:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SatoshiCoin_

Discord: https://discord.gg/NHBSHqh

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