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CranePay was ex cryply.

CranePay [CRP] is a cryptocurrency, which is a direct descendant of Bitcoin and is based on the ideas of decentralized P2P networks from Satoshi Nakamoto
The main objective of CranePay [CRP] is to return the direct purpose of using cryptocurrency as a payment system in which the guarantor of transactions (third party) is the program code.
CranePay [CRP] is a true cryptocurrency and payment system for daily payments, with fast transactions and zero fees. Everyone can mine CranePay [CRP] on own home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the processor (CPU)

CranePay [CRP] uses ASIC-protected, GPU-protected algorithm YesPoWer. CranePay [CRP] has a global value provided with media products, goods and services created inside and outside the CranePay community, in any country of the world and at any time.
CranePay [CRP] is a fully autonomous and decentralized system. No one can prohibit, freeze, modify or revoke a committed transaction in the blockchain.
Download and install the wallet, take part in the struggle for a fair redistribution of resources, for the destruction of loan interest, for simple and honest economic relations between people and communities, without pads and intermediaries, as promised by Satoshi Nakomoto
CranePay [CRP] returns to the true path the usage of Bitcoin technology � as a payment system with cryptocurrency. This is the only way for humanity to emerge from debt slavery, escape from unsecured fiat money, and come to a more just reward for own work.

CranePay [CRP] meets all basic principles of classical cryptocurrency



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Telegram https://t.me/cranepay

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