[ANN] Cgig � Freelance marketplace that uses Stellar XLM as currency

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We would like to announce the open beta for Cgig– a feature rich, easy-to-use peer to peer freelance marketplace that uses Stellar XLM as currency. Cgig is built by a team of seasoned Stellar developers who have honed their skills through multiple rounds of Stellar Build Challenges (SBCs), and in the process built some of the components useful for a powerful freelance platform on Stellar.

Cgig is a new marketplace that was built from the grounds up on Stellar. This means that all transactions from initial deposit, to escrow, to payment release in Cgig uses XLM and Stellar accounts. We specifically opted to use Stellar�s native XLM because we believe that despite its current volatility, with the rapidly growing number of fiat on/off ramps, exchanges and wallets, XLM will become one of the most common and widely available bridge currencies for other tokens and assets.

Our first major Cgig offering is a service-based marketplace where anyone could easily list and sell any type of service. For our initial launch, we have signed on veteran graphic designers, writers, programmers, and a variety of other freelancers to participate. For most of them, it�s their first time using any type of cryptocurrency. If you or anyone you know need a logo, an explainer video, an article, a bot, etc� please consider showing them some support.

The most common type of Cgig listing is flat rate packages, which can be tiered and further customized via extras. We also recently added rate based pricing options for services like writing/translation (word based), video services (time based), and consulting (also time based). If these options don�t fit the bill, we even support custom order requests which can be tailored to the exact needs negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

Cgig features a built-in escrow designed to protect both the buyer and the seller. For security of the marketplace, the escrow for each order is isolated to its own separate Stellar account. In addition, Cgig provides streamlined, easy-to-use order management system, integrated with escrow, notification, and chat room to facilitate interaction and communication between the buyer and the seller. We�re trying to drive adoption and we know crypto could feel intimidating to new users, so we worked extra hard on user experience to make Cgig friendly to new crypto users.

Because Cgig uses Stellar, we are able to benefit from Stellar transactions which are virtually free (regardless of network congestion) and takes around 5 seconds on average. Having been avid users of everything Stellar, we have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of Stellar�s production network and look forward to operating on Stellar. Early seller feedback have been very positive towards the overall experience on Cgig.

Our mission is to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies in a productive way. For Cgig, it�s to harness the technological and financial innovations of public blockchain to build a fair, easy-to-use and efficient marketplace that would optimize rewards to those who could generate value. If you�re interested, please check us out. For any questions or comments, please reach us at: [email protected]

Also please stay tuned, as we have more a lot features to come!


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