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The underlying idea of our project was the fact that the credibility of ICO projects as an investment tool has drastically plummeted due to the latest tendencies of the ICO market.

The following are the major bottlenecks that we face when we decide to invest in ICOs:
a.   absence of guaranteed refund of deposits invested into unprofitable projects;
b.   lack of investment tools for small investors allowing fast income generation;
c.   absence of mobile investment platforms guaranteeing proper safety of available funds;
d.   lack of independent analytics of existing ICO projects.
Our service allows our clients to rid of these uncertainties and mitigate the risks.

With the help of Cerberus Insurance you can return the initially invested funds in case if the ICO Team stops satisfying the expectations of the investors or stops following the initial list of commitments.
Over the lifespan of the ICO, Cerberus presents you with an option to return the initially invested funds and give up the purchased tokens.

The Cerberus program is based on the ERC20 Wallet � Conicoin, made by our team. Like when using any other cryptowallet the user has to log in to his/her account. Conicoin Wallet supports import with mnemonic (12 word recovery phrase), private key (64-digit hexadecimal notation) or JSON key (Ethereum account import method, with an encoded private key).

How it works � Instructions

Please note that this article is devoted to Cerberus in particular. For further familiarization with Conicoin Wallet app please visit

1.   Download our app.
Currently you can find two Conicoin applications in App Store: mainnet version � blue logo and testnet version � black logo. Please, download testnet application for familiarization with Cerberus Insurance system:
2.   Create your personal account.
3.   Make up a 6-digit password for operations confirmation (withdrawals, payments, access to the assets).

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Partners list
�   Here you can find the full list of all available ICO projects that you can invest in with a high-level overview of the current investment status.
�   Partners are the ICO projects, which were approved by our team for cooperation. We insure the invested funds, allowing you to return the invested funds at any moment before the deadline. Deadline is the end date when the insurance period ends. The deadline is set by our team before the integration of ICO based on the results of communication with the Partner, our understanding of the project and our forecasts.
�   Apart from the insurance period we also set the list of specific objectives for the ICO project with concrete deadlines. The Partner has to achieve these goals during the insurance period. We will be informing you about the progress in achieving goals with push notifications in our mobile application. You can use it as a tool for making your decision about investment return or additional investment.
Partner tab
�   Pushing the chosen Partner project on the Partner list tab will redirect you to the Partner tab. Here you can find the current amount of funds already raised out of the whole sum as well as the price for one token, the maximum limit available for purchase and the Deadline. Below you can find the description of the project.
�   Pushing the �Buy� button will allow you to insert the amount of funds you wish to invest. You will see the purchased tokens on the Partner tab once the transaction is confirmed.
�   In order to withdraw your tokens you need to tap one of the Partners and push the �Withdraw� button.
�   In order to return your funds you need to tap one of the Partners and push the �Refund� button.
Investing tab
�   Pushing the �Buy� button on the Partner tap will redirect you to the �Investing� tab with detailed information about the transaction.

How it works � Theoretical part

1.   Investment
The Client chooses an insured ICO from the list and purchases n tokens. Cerberus forms a transaction, which initiates the investWithEthers(address _address) function or investWithTokens(address _address) in case of CON tokens payment (tokens of our project), where �_address� is the Partner�s address. After completion of the transaction n ICO tokens are held by the smart-contract. The record of the investment and the amount of purchased tokens is catalogued in the smart contract register.
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2.   Return of investment
The Client of Cerberus can call in the return of the investment before the end of insurance period. For this purpose Cerberus forms a transaction, that initiates the returnInvestment(address _address) function, where � _address� is the Partner�s address. The invested funds are immediately returned to the Client�s account while the purchased tokens are released and become available for purchase.  The records of the invested funds and purchased tokens are deleted from the smart contract register.
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3.   Withdraw of Investment
Before the end of insurance period the Client can initiate the withdrawal of the purchased tokens. For this Cerberus Insurrance forms the transaction, that initiates the withdrawInvestment(address _address) function, where _address  is the Partner�s address. The invested funds are immediately transferred to the Partner�s wallet and the purchased tokens are sent to the Client. The records of the invested funds and the amount of tokens are deleted from the smart contract register.
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4.   End of insurance period
By the end of the insurance period the Client no longer has access to the �Return of investment� procedure. Only withdrawal of invested funds is available. The mobile app Cerberus Insurance will notify the User about the end of insurance period with a Push-notification and will recommend to withdraw the purchased tokens. At the same time the Partner can independently initiate the procedure of withdrawal of the invested funds, by initiating the withdrawalProcess() procedure. The Partner will withdraw the raised ETH and the non-sold tokens. The record of
the Partner is then deleted from the register.
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We encourage you to participate in testing our system today

1.   Download Conicoin Wallet (testnet – black logo) in App Store via the following link:
2.   Get test Ethers by following this instruction:
3.   You can find our code on GitHub:
�   iOS App:
�   Cerberus Insurance Smart contract

We will be very grateful for any feedback that you may provide as we are looking forward to improving our solution. Please contact us via the following channels:
[email protected]

Next steps of our project

As we have started our project from scratch, we had numerous ideas of how to make it more useful for our clients. We have come up with a solid plan and quite a number of initiatives that we are planning to realize in the nearest future:
�   At the beginning of 2019, we will commence the work of our system with our first ICO partner.
�   Provision of "Post presale" service � sale of tokens after the end of the ICO.
�   Introduction of an accountability register of ICO partners.
�   Creation of a marketplace (trading platform), where the users will be able to independently sell ICO tokens.

Mainnet version Conicoin Wallet (version without Cerberus Insurance) you can find via the following link:

For cooperation or if you have any questions, please email us on:
[email protected]


Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/EwJRChSVXyeG6dE7ZqzBZA

Medium: https://medium.com/@conicoinapp/conicoin-wallet-2a3f7d44ecce

Github: https://github.com/Conicoin/ethereum-wallet

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