[ANN] [CDIE] CRUG SEASON2 CRUG.DICE game token, liquidity incentives for playing

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Hey everyone!

CRUG season 2 has started! CRUG.DICE is our second ERC20 token, and it's a game where 2 dice are rolled every 24 hours. Depending on the sum of the dice, liquidity can be added, removed, or stay the same and locked for 24 more hours. It's going to be listed on uniswap after the presale is over. For more details on the presale, check out our website.

Here�s how the game works:

Every 24 hours two dice will be rolled using www.random.org/dice/
The dice roll will be livestreamed on our twitch channel
If the sum of the dice > 10 : A portion of ETH raised will be used to buy the token (increasing price) then tokens bought will be added to the liquidity pool and locked for 24 more hours.
If the sum is < 10 and > 2 : Liquidity will not change and be locked for another 24 hours.
If the sum is 2 (snake eyes is around a 2.8% chance) liquidity will be completely pulled.
First diceroll can�t end the game.

Check out our website at https://crugdice.org or join our telegram at https://t.me/CRUGOfficial

Our twitter is https://twitter.com/CrugFinance

Also, read our medium article at https://medium.com/@crugfinance/crug-dice-presale-announcement-54a64340624f

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrugFinance

Telegram https://t.me/CRUGOfficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@crugfinance/crug-dice-presale-announcement-54a64340624f

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