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�A comprehensive open source blockchain platform for distributed technology solutions�]

After a period of development and testing, the BTCDM team launched its blockchain on 28/9/2018. With the launch, the wallets can also be downloaded in Github (Windows, Linux and Mac). The new blockchain brings the Bitcoin Dominator project up to date with a full featured modern PoW/PoS blockchain.

The team is not only developing software, its also working on hardware solutions that utilise the BTCDM blockchain. There will be a series of commercial projects launched for banking, telecom, industrial applications, logistics and more.

Coin Information

Max supply: 21.000.000 BTCDM
Premine 9.09% = 1.909.091 BTCDM

Algorithm:  Scrypt
Type:  PoW/PoS
Coin name:  Bitcoin Dominator
Coin abbreviation:  BTCDM
Address letter:  5
RPC port: 42266
P2P port: 42265
Block reward:  5.0 BTCDM
Coin supply: 21,000,000 BTCDM
Premine amount: 1,909,091 BTCDM
PoS percentage: 5% per year
Last PoW block: block 1000
Min. stake age:  5 hours
Max. stake age  Unlimited
Coinbase maturity:  20 blocks
Target spacing:  60 seconds
Target timespan:  1 block
Transaction confirmations: 3 blocks

Details on the new platform and project are included in the whitepaper at: https://btcdominator.com/files/btcdm_white_paper_v01.07.pdf


A premine has been completed and is allocated to various activities in the following way to make this project successful:

Distribution of the 9.09 % premine


Marketing:    15% (286.363.65 BTCDM)
bounty 1:   10%  (190,909.1 BTCDM)
Bounty 2:    10%   (190,909.1 BTCDM)
Development & costs 33% (630,000.03 BTCDM)
Team, initial exchanges, and partners: 32% (610,909.12 BTCDM)

Proof of Work (PoW) Mining

The coin will be mined to block 1000, when PoS consensus takes effect and stake rewards (approx 5% annually) will available through  staking your coins (PoS).

Mining can be done with CPUminer:  https://github.com/pooler/cpuminer/releases

A simple guide to get you started in minutes here: Wallet start guide : https://github.com/btcdm/BTCDM/blob/master/start%20wallet.pdf

Proof of Stake (PoS)

Download the BTCDM wallet. Windows, Mac or Linux Wallet can found here: https://github.com/btcdm/BTCDM/tree/master/Wallets ).

Fully sync your Wallet to the BTCDM Network, this starts automatically by running your wallet (make sure you have some BTCDM balance in your wallet!). Leave the coins in the wallet for minimum 5 Hours. After 5 Hours the coins become eligible for Staking.

Note: Your BTCDM wallet must be unlocked for it to allow Staking. (Settings in the main Toolbar. The default settings for BTCDM Wallet is unlocked).

Bounty rewards

BTCDM is created and driven by a global team, everyone can help. As a team member you help spread awareness of BTCDM and it’s blockchain platform.

-YouTube video creation and editing
-Content creation, including blog post, website article, and newsletter generation
-White paper translation
-Infographic creation
-Social media awareness, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts
-Platform bug fixes
-Product improvements and suggestions
-Translating the whitepaper
-Community management

People who are interested can send a pm. Every participant has to register and wait for approval.

NOTE: Do NOT start working on you material without getting our approval first in order to avoid disappointment. .
Details will follow shortly!

Trading BTCDM on exchanges

We will not run an  ICO or (private) pre-sale. The project was initiated by an enthusiastic team to build a project that will be ready for  planned (hardware) applications in the near future. We are already working with (small) exchanges to list BTCDM in order to generate the first trade volume. Updates on these developments, these will be posted in this thread.

Information Releases:

To prevent misleading information and spoofing of sites.  The only authoritative source of information are this Bitcointalk.org ANN,  BTCDM social feeds, websites and Github.  If in doubt, feel free to ask us in dm.

Official links:

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/
Telegram: https://t.me/btcdominator
Website: https://btcdominator.com
Github: https://github.com/btcdm/BTCDM
Wallets: Linux, Windows
Explorer: http://explorer.btcdominator.com
Whitepaper: https://btcdominator.com/files/btcdm_white_paper_v01.07.pdf

The team is working hard to make a nice project. Of course it is possible that something has been forgotten. Do you have comments, suggestions or do you want to cooperate let them know.

Telegram https://t.me/btcdominator

Github: https://github.com/pooler/cpuminer/releases

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