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The EasyDex team is happy to announce that we have set the date for the snapshot for EasySocial, the first chain in our EasyLife system, to Monday, February 4, 2019. On this day a record of all holders of PB tokens and BTS will be taken so we can calculate how much staked SOCIAL tokens each one will receive. To qualify for the snapshot tokens must be held in the account and not in open orders. Exchange accounts will also be excluded from the snapshot so make sure your tokens are in your Bitshares wallet. 20% of the initial supply will be divided between holders of each of these tokens. While the exact number of staked SOCIAL tokens each holder will receive will be determined by the snapshot the estimated number of tokens is 7-8 staked SOCIAL per PB token 0.001 per BTS.


EasyLife is a system of inter-operating decentralized applications (dapps) being built by the EasyDex team. Each dapp will have it's own custom-built (graphene-based) blockchain that plugs into the Bitshares blockchain. Giving each dapp it's own blockchain not only allows us to add custom features to each one but also increases scalability and decentralization by spreading everything out over numerous blockchains. Each chain in the system will have it's own user-created governance structure that will vary from chain to chain. All user interfaces in the system will feature a simplified version of the dex where users can make use of our crypto and fiat gateways as well as an advanced chat system. Initial dapps will be in the fields of social and user-created media and the gig-economy and plans are in place for many use cases — everything from code collaboration and repositories to video games! For more information about the EasyLife system visit http://easydex.net/easylife


EasySocial is the first chain in the EasyLife system and will be a true social media platform. Unlike other blockchain-based systems that are essentially blogging platforms, EasySocial combines the best parts of existing centralized social media platforms and the benefits of blockchain technology. This creates a platform where users can earn crypto through interacting with friends and family in a censorship-resistant, non-data mining space. EasySocial will function as the social hub of the system and will form a grass-roots based, user-created governance structure where everyone's voice can be heard.


We have a global focus and want everyone to feel comfortable using our system regardless of their native language. To this end, we have many things we need translated into as many languages as possible. So, we are announcing the first translation bounty. Anyone who translates the EasyLife white paper into their native language will receive 300 bounty tokens that will be redeemable for staked SOCIAL tokens upon EasySocial launch. Anyone participating in this bounty will also qualify for the many future translation bounties we will be doing in the near future.


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