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Hey guys! We are coming from the Blue Helix exchange and want to share more about our Bitmore program.

What is Bitmore?
Bitmore is a passive-investment program where you can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether for a guaranteed return of minimum 5% p.a.

Users will receive a daily BTC/USDT reward with 5% p.a. guaranteed return if deposit BTC/ USDT to the Bitmore account. The reward will be credited to your wallet in 24hrs after you deposited.

Bitmore Account Bounty Blue Helix Token (BHT) Airdrop:

For any new invites registering for a BHEX account with their phone number, both inviters and invitees will receive 100BHT airdrop if invitees deposit minimum 100 USDT (or equivalent BTC) to the Bitmore account.

Invitees will receive 5BHT airdrop for every 100 USDT (or equivalent BTC) after the first 100 USDT (or equivalent BTC) deposit.
The cap for the airdrop of invitees during the campaign period is 1000BHT each, and there is NO CAP for the airdrop of inviters.
Only the first 500 invitees (and their inviters) are qualified for such reward, and it is on a first-come-first-service basis.

Example 1: Alex is a BHEX user and was registered with a phone number. He uses his invitation code/link to invite Bob to register with a BHEX account. Bob registered a BHEX account using his phone number and Alex�s invitation code. Bob transferred 1000 USDT from his wallet to his BHEX account and ordered 1000 USDT in his Bitmore account and held for 15 days.

Alex will receive a 100BHT bounty reward. Bob will receive 145 (first 100 + 5 X 9 remaining 900) BHT reward and Bitmore Bonus daily reward of 0.1367USDT in his wallet account (15 days total reward of 2.0547USDT)

For existing BHEX users, you will receive 10BHT for every 100 USDT (or equivalent BTC) deposited to your Bitmore account (rewards are capped at 1000BHT)
Example2: Alex is BHEX user and was registered with a phone number, he deposited 2000 USDT to his Bitmore account and hold for 15 days. He will receive Bounty reward of 200BHT and Bitmore Bonus daily reward of 0.2739USDT (15days total reward of 4.109USDT)

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWUsqLEhRA3z4vpPrIXTvggJRrFUMZnG5WR-l0DmLy6qSBsQ/viewform
Telegram group: https://t.me/BHEX_EN
Campaign Rules:

Participants are required to register for the Bitmore Campaign and bind their phone number to BHEX account (registered miners are auto-qualified for the Bitmore Campaign, no further registration needed)
BHEX will take snapshot daily at 12:30pm(UTC+8) in Bitmore account during campaign period. Users hold the deposit in the Bitmore account for consecutive 15 days will be qualified for BHT airdrop.
Any redeem from Bitmore account to wallet account/other address will be disqualified for the airdrop reward but will still receive Bitmore bonus reward with 5% p.a. guaranteed return.
Example3: Alex is BHEX user and was registered with his phone number. He ordered 2000USDT to his Bitmore account. He holds the assets for 5 days and redeem to his wallet account. Alex will NOT receive 200BHT bounty reward but he will receive Bitmore Bonus daily reward of 0.2739USDT (5 days total reward of 1.3698USDT)

 *BHEX reserve the right of final interpretation of this campaign.

Telegram https://t.me/BHEX_EN

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