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Website www.blockworkz.co
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Domain reg 2019-02-17
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Initial concept discussion :- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4722655.0

I present to you Blockworkz. Our first app is a lending platform and is now open for alpha testing. If you are interested, please visit www.blockworkz.co and register, your account will be credited dummy funds for you to try out.

After the alpha testing period, i will take the feedback and try to apply as much of it as possible then go on to beta testing. Hopefully a full functional release will be available for widespread use in a month or two. Please do not deposit any funds, use the dummy funds. As additional precaution, i will take the coin wallets offline.

All apps developed will have the web version and some will have standalone versions.  

About the Lending platform :-

The biggest problems with lending cryptocurrencies :-

1) Collateral
2) A means to collect the funds + interest
3) Minimizing individual/institutional risk
4) A simple yet secure method of verifying a debtor/creditor's identity

BlockWorkz solves the trust/collateral issue by requiring users deposit collateral for a loan, but unlike other platforms, leaves this up to borrowers and lenders to agree on terms. A borrower creates a request and puts up collateral as well as terms such as interest rate, how long the request is valid and how after confirmation of funding of the loan the funds mature.


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