[ANN] Blockshare [BLS] MN/MNShare Platform 50% Revenue Share (MN/PoS)

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Website blockshare.pw
Registrar domain Namecheap
Domain reg 2018-10-19
Domain exp 2019-10-19
Nameservers fred.ns.cloudflare.com
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Name: Blockshare
Ticker: BLS
Algorithm: Quark
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block Size: 1MB
Total Supply: 76,635,360
MN Reward: 80-90%
Staking Reward: 10-20%
Dev Fee: 2%
MN Collateral: 10,000 BLS
Mineable: First 150 blocks only (Pre-mine phase)
Stakeable: Yes
Mined/Minted Maturity: 25 Blocks (~25 Minutes)
Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~6 Minutes)
Stake min-Age: 25 Blocks (~25 Minutes)
Premine: 720,000 BLS (0.939%)
Circulation (1 Year): 5,976,360 BLS
Circulation (10 Years): 76,635,360 BLS
Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6
RPC Port: 61613
P2P Port: 61612

Right now, Blockshare Team is running the presale phase of the project with a very limited number of Masternodes available. There are only 30 Masternodes being sold to raise the funds for project marketing, exchange listings and developing.


The presale phase is divided into three phases as shown below:

  • Round 1: 10 nodes in total. Price: 0.7 BTC per node.
  • Round 2: 10 nodes in total. Price: 0.8 BTC per node.
  • Round 3: 10 nodes in total. Price: 0.9 BTC per node.

END DATE: Feb 28th 2019

To participate in the Presale, join our Discord server here for more details.
If you prefer a faster way to get the masternode, you can buy BLS directly via our CoinsPayments page.

If you prefer a faster progress, you can buy Masternode directly on Coinpayments via this link: http://blockshare.pw/coinpayment
Remember to include your Email Address and your Blockshare Address. We will send you 10,000 BLS immediately after receiving your payment.

Budget Usages

The funds raised in the pre-sale phase will be being used for:

  • Masternode.Online Listing = 0.35 BTC
  • Masternode.Pro Listing = 0.1 BTC
  • Shared Masternode Services = 0.2 BTC
  • Further Exchange Listings + Marketing Costs = The Rest


Please do note that there are 2 nodes running by the Blockshare Team in order to keep the chain running stably. All of the coins in these two Masternodes will be burnt after the presale.
Below are the two address of these dev nodes:

Address 1: BCrUXFtdr75PaGhftm5WSUTjvenxNKtneP
Address 2: BP1KetGxhVGbQZPyiySLoFUDnjaKTUBciM

Coming soon…



We run Air Drop every a few days so that everyone has BLS to stake and use!

Join the #airdrop-channel on our Discord server for participating in!

Do not forget to stake your coins after receiving our free Airdrop to earn more BLS!


Invite your friends to our Discord Server to get these prizes!

  • Top 1: 2000 BLS
  • Top 2: 1000 BLS
  • Top 3: 800 BLS
  • Top 4: 500 BLS
  • Top 5: 300 BLS
  • Top 6: 200 BLS
  • Top 7: 50 BLS
  • Top 8: 50 BLS
  • Top 9: 50 BLS
  • Top 10: 50 BLS

How to participate in the Discord Invitation Campaign:

1. Join Blockshare Discord and create your own Discord Invite Link. Make sure Never Expire is checked.
2. Spread the words to everyone and invite everyone to the server.
3. Check the current campaign ranking by typing !leaderboard in our Discord server.

Duration: 2 weeks. Similar campaign will be hosted right after the first one.


A special Campaign for everyone love chatting and helping people on the Discord chat!
People who send the most messages will receive these prizes:

  • Top 1: 2000 BLS
  • Top 2: 1000 BLS
  • Top 3: 800 BLS
  • Top 4: 500 BLS
  • Top 5: 300 BLS
  • Top 6: 200 BLS
  • Top 7: 50 BLS
  • Top 8: 50 BLS
  • Top 9: 50 BLS
  • Top 10: 50 BLS

Duration: 4 weeks

For more details, check out the #chat-campaign channel in our Discord server!


Help us spread the words to the Twitter community and earn 20 BLS for free immediately!

1. Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockshare_pw
2. Like and Retweet this post: https://twitter.com/blockshare_pw/status/1086823213651247104
3. Comment in the post above with your Blockshare Address
4. You must have more than 500 Followers.

After finishing all of the steps above, take the screenshot of your comment and post it in the #twitter-bounty channel. We will send you the BLS once the people cap is reached!


We are looking for the translation for of these Languages: Turkish,  Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Korean.
Each translator will receive 50 BLS each.

In order to reserve your translation, please follow these steps:

1. Make a reply below mentioning the language you want to reserve.
2. Take a screenshot of your comment and post in our #translation-bounty
3. Translate all of the text and images in this ANN thread.
4. Post your translated article on Bitcointalk.Org
5. Post the link in this ANN thread along with your wallet address.


We are running a lot of other Campaigns on our Discord server right now.
Small Campaigns will not get posted on Bitcointalk so make sure you Join us to get FREE BLS EVERY DAY!

Stake Your Coins!

Once you have an amount of BLS getting from our Bounty Campaigns, Do not forget to stake your BLS to earn more BLS.
Visit our Discord #staking channel to see how you can actually stake coins!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockshare_pw

Whitepaper: https://blockshare.pw/info/whitepaper.pdf

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